Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unexpected Guest and UnwantedPounds

Yesterday while I was at work mom called and said she was going to pick up Chloe (two hours away) and bring her back to Little Rock in order to take her to the vet. Chloe was having some issues and needed some extra attention. The vet confirmed her problem was just what we thought...more bladder stones. 3 stones in fact! Bless her little heart. She has surgery tomorrow to remove them. She's going to be a much happier dog when all of this is over.

This is Chloe...although she looks homeless in this picture she really does have a family. We love her lots even if we let her look like a shaggy dog!


OK, enough is enough!! I have wanted and needed to shed some UNWANTED pounds for a LONG time. I have always struggled with my weight but had it under control for a long while. In the last two years things have change and it is not so under control anymore. I have tried this and that but just haven't been motivated. My blog friend Tricia has inspired me to get it together and start doing something about it. I am not paying to go to some group (be it JC or WW) anymore b/c we're trying to save every penny we make. I figured the only kind of accountability I'm going to have is what I do for myself. SOOOO...I'm going to blog about it. I know, I know, BORING. Don't worry, I won't talk about it all the time. Just once a week I'm going to comment on my progress. If I lose 5 pounds I share and if I gain 5 pounds I share. I weigh on Wednesdays but it looks like I probably won't update on my progress until Thursdays (because it is usually too hard to blog on Wednesday because church keeps me busy). So, if a Thursday comes and goes and you don't hear a thing from me about it, ASK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley C., I know this isn't what you had in mind when you requested I blog again soon but I will try to do better next time. Hope you had a good lunch!


Jenna said...

That Chloe is TOO cute!

And you go girl on losing weight! Believe me that is not boring at all, especially to this girl who needs to be doing the same thing. You're an inspiration, my dear!

Julie said...

Chloe is adorable!! I hope her surgery goes well!!

I'm wife you on loosing weight. Bryan and I had to weigh last week for our life insurance physicals and it was depressing for both of us!! I began watching what I ate this week. I'll continue next week and finally, hopefully start the exercise.

TriciaNae said...

Ok, Chloe is too stinkin cute!!
And..yay for accountibility...we can totally do this!!

Jennifer said...

Cute new blog look!

I'm with you on the weight loss thing. I would like to lose 20 pounds. :) So maybe all together we can inspire each other. :)

BTW, our doggie had the same issues with the stones. She had three surgeries and finally the vet put her on Science Diet prescription food. It has been the BEST thing ever. No more stones!!! PTL

Lauren said...

Will be cheering you on all the way Hillary :o)

::Preppy Principal:: said...

My 3 furbabies and I will be praying for Chole!

::Preppy Principal:: said...
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Lauren said...

Left something for you on my blog :)

Amanda Ledford said...

I know exactly what it is like to struggle with weight. It is so hard. said...

hey, I got a mention on "the blog"! what more could I ask for? =P
lunch was great. also, thanks for not ebaying my wii.

PS. you typo'd the "other" Ashley's name once a couple posts down. ;)