Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Months

February 13, 2012

Sadie, you are 10 months old! You made it to the double digits. Whoa! I feel like this really makes you grown up. As always I can't believe you are already 10 months old. You have grown up and changed so much.
You look like such a little girl now and not as much like a baby. You have done so many big girl things the last several weeks. I'm not sure I'm ready for a big girl.
Here is what's going on with you these days...
*you weigh 22 pounds and I'm not sure how tall you are*
*you wear size 12 month clothes and a size 4 diaper*
*you get 4 bottles a day and drink a total of 20-24 oz of formula*
*you get 3 meals of table food a day*
*you eat almost anything I give you but your favorites are cheese, blueberries, tomatoes, and anything sweet*
*you don't eat a lot at one meal because you are SO SLOW and because your teachers at school give you too many goldfish :)*
*you are finally starting to like your sippy cup. You only get water in it but you still think it is great*
*you go to bed around 7:00 pm and wake up around 7:00 am*
*you normally take two naps a day but on school days you might just take 1*
* you LOVE your babies. I mean LOVE them. You squeal with excitement and scoot around in circles when you get to play with them*
*your other favorite toys right now include your kitchen, your books, anything you aren't supposed to have, and whatever makes noise*
*you love to get in the jeep at Big D and Jules' house. You go straight to the mirrors and laugh and smile at how pretty you are. Nothing makes your face light up more than for you to see yourself in the mirror or to see a picture of yourself*
*you are all over the place. We have to shut all the doors and barricade you from the kitchen. You are starting to crawl pretty fast although you would rather try and stand. You're starting to cruise and stand up a little on your own. You pull up on everything and I mean everything.*
*you talk all the time. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed you are talking. I wish I knew exactly what you were talking about*
*you say, momma, dada, hi, bye, baby, pretty baby, Olivia (pronounced o-ia), yum yum (when you are hungry), you've said "big dog" a couple of times but it isn't consistent yet.*
*you clap, wave, and blow kisses constantly*
*you have started to snuggle a lot more and that makes me so happy*
*you still love being in your crib. I have to put you down for naps and bedtime early because you play for at least 15-20 minutes. When you wake up you never fuss. You just start playing and talking to your babies.*
*you love to sleep with your blankie, your bunny, your frog, and your soft book*
*it is a nightmare to change your diaper or your clothes. you do not like to sit still*
*you are a bit dramatic and I've seen many signs of big fits*
*you do not like riding in the cart at Walmart, Target, etc. If you can't sit forward facing to see everyone you prefer I hold you. This gets old because you are getting heavy*
*you do not like keeping your bow in and this makes me very upset. You get in trouble for taking it out but you do it anyway. We'll be working on this until you learn to leave them alone or until I have to glue them in. :)*
Sadie, you truly are the sweetest baby. People tell us all the time how happy and how pretty you are. Everyone seems to always comment on your big smile and blue eyes. When we are out you smile at everyone you see. You only fuss if you are tired or you don't feel well. You entertain yourself so well and are easy going. When you go to bed at night I look at the monitor and go and on to your daddy about how cute you are. I can't help it. I'm in love! You're my favorite baby in the whole world. My greatest joy in life is being your mommy.
Your daddy and I love you so much!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine Baby

February 14th wasn't a fun time around our home. I had the flu and Sadie had a cold. I was so sad we didn't get to celebrate Sadie's first Valentine's Day. I had Valentines made, outfits ready, a Valentine basket of treats for Sadie, etc. Since we couldn't celebrate on February 14 I decided we would celebrate when we were well.
I'm so glad I already handed out some Valentines from Sadie because I loved them. My friend Sarah designed them. Aren't they so cute?
She has an etsy store now full of great stationary and other designs. Here is a link to her shop. You certainly need to go check it out. CUTE stuff!
The girls got pink ones and the boys got orange.
They were attached to a little bag of teddy graham crackers. Yummy.
Sadie is sad she couldn't give them out to all of her friends but she still loves her friends and is thankful for them. :)

Here is Sadie's bag of treats. I wanted to get her some flash cards and she needed some new pajamas.

You can have one guess as to what in this basket caught her eye.
Yep, that's right,
the goldfish. She LOVES them.
She still had a cold here and her eyes were pitiful but she was very happy to have some more goldfish. Her momma may or may not have eaten the last of them.

I will leave you with a few pictures of her in her cute outfit.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

On the Mend

I hope that we are all finally on the mend. The flu is a mean virus and I hope I never get it again. I'm so thankful Josh and Sadie were spared. Sadie has been dealing with a nasty cold and Josh hasn't felt too great either but I'm optimistic things are getting better. Josh did such a good job taking care of Sadie while I was quarantined in my room. I don't know what I would have done without him.

Here are a few pictures (from my phone, of course) from our time at home.

Daddy and daughter Praise Baby time. Sadie wasn't feeling well so Josh kept her company.

This is Josh's attempt at keeping Sadie out of the kitchen. She loves it!

Sadie likes to "read" books while in her crib now. It is really cute to watch.

Her path of destruction during play time. She is never very far from her babies.

Playing on the jungle gym again.

She loves to climb up on us while we sit on the couch. She is so proud of herself for being such a big girl.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Under the Weather

Well folks, I have the flu. :( I had a flu shot and I still got the flu. What a bummer! I have never felt so bad in all my life. I'm stuck in my room away from any social interaction. My only friends are

And I won't be able to kiss this sweet face for several more days.

Please pray Sadie doesn't get it. She has definitely been exposed to it but I'm praying her 2 flu shots will spare her from this madness. She is dealing with another double ear infection and cutting her top teeth so she doesn't need anything else.
Also please pray Josh doesn't get it. He has done a great job taking care of Sadie while I'm under the weather and I need him to stay healthy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the Move

My sweet little baby who was so content to sit on the floor and play has decided it is time for her to make a move. She started out simple and easy.

She learned to sit herself back up when she was on her back or tummy. This was a huge deal around our house. No more whining because she was "stuck". Thank goodness. It didn't take her long to master her new trick.

She soon moved on to something more challenging. She started pulling up in her crib. She was so proud of herself. Until we were able to lower her crib mattress I would have to watch and go put her back down every time she stood up. It was a fun little game to her.
Josh lowered her mattress but no one told her that meant the game was over. She would stand up and look straight at the door waiting for me to come in. Sometimes she would even wave.

She thought she would test her skills outside of the crib and started pulling up on everything.

If only she could get from place to place she would have so many things to pull up on. I think this occurred to her because she finally started...


Watch out world, Sadie is mobile.

She crawls all over the place pulling up on whatever catches her eye.

I will say though she really doesn't like crawling. She isn't very fast and it frustrates her so she has started trying to stand up. She will extend both legs and try to push herself up. She doesn't get very far but she keeps trying. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before she masters that skill as well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gotta Try It

I have several posts I need to publish on the blog but I only have a minute right now. I've wanted to tell you all about two "recipes" I've become obsessed with.

Have you ever had a brownie made in a mug in the microwave? Oh my goodness. I had heard of this being done before so I decided to google it one night just to see if I had the ingredients. I did. I've re-named these "Weekend Only Microwave Mug Brownies" because they are so dangerous they need limitations.

Here is the recipe. You can thank me later.

There is another recipe we are obsessed with at my house. We make these ALL THE TIME. My mom is the culprit for these but you can ultimately blame Pinterest.

Have you tried the Alabama fire crackers? You should. You really, really should. They are addicting and oh so A-MA-ZING. We changed it up a bit based on the comments. We use oyster crackers instead of saltines and sometimes we use Italian dressing instead of ranch. We've made and loved both but I think the Italian dressing is the overall favorite. It seems to hold its own with the THREE TABLESPOONS of red pepper flakes.

I like to believe all the spice speeds up my metabolism. I'm going to need a fast metabolism to burn off the brownies.