Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

2010 was overall a great year! I loved going back and reading my blog to see what all went on. I decided to highlight the year on this post. It's mostly pictures so hopefully you won't be too bored. So here's a little of what went on this last year...
I got my first embroidery machine (really I got it the last couple of days in 2009). This was the beginning of our love-hate relationship.
Took a trip to Dallas to meet this little guy, Braysen.

It was fun hanging out with Jenny and Laura too

Oh yeah, and our husbands came along.

Earlier this year was my first real encounter with Twitter. I will never be the same. :) One reason I got on Twitter was to get excited about...

...our "over flow" trip to Atlanta for the So Long Insecurity conference. I had the best time with my friends.

And a great time with some of my favorite blogger/twitter friends.

I wish I could have spent time with everyone but it was great hanging with these girls.

Then the very next week I left for a girl's trip in NEW YORK CITY!

NYC is one of my favorite places on earth. My mom and sister were part of the group.

And so was my friend Shannon.

We had the BEST time. Although we were almost blown away by the Times Square Bomber. Thank goodness the Lord had his angels around us and the bomb never went off. Don't worry, I'm still ready to go back.

A few weeks after we came back I turned the big 3-0. I still have a hard time believing it.

We celebrated at YaYa's with my parents. So good.
In early June I went on a girl's weekend with some of my best friends. It was such a great time and I'm ready to do it again.

Josh and I met Shaun Groves and we sponsored our first Compassion child, Pedro.

I began making and selling things. Wow, it was hard work but the Lord blessed me.

Still one of my favorite outfits.

This dress has been and is very popular.

In July we went with my family to the beach.

Oh to be back there RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then in early August things really started to get exciting.

We got a "YES"! Whoa!

And not that Hog football compares to a "yes" but this past fall we had a lot of fun watching
our Hogs play football. But back to the baby...

In September it was finally time to share our news with everyone. I was 10 1/2 weeks at the time.

Josh finally caught up with me and turned 30. But enough of that, back to the baby. A few weeks after Josh's is birthday...

...we found out...

...we were having a girl. One of the best days of my life.

The weekend after finding out our baby was Sadie I went to NWA to help cheer on Kelly in her dance recital. I LOVED hanging with my favorite friends (and I LOVE being pregnant with Kelly). As if that wasn't enough excitement for November Josh and I went on a trip with some of our best friends.

I love Chicago.

I should mention here that I also LOVE being pregnant with Jenny. The 4 of us had a great little "baby moon" in Chicago and it's time to go back.

Josh and I celebrated the holiday season with our families, the last year "just the two of us." It was a great time but we were both very excited about how different things will be next year.
And I can't end my 2010 recap without a shout out to another one of the most exciting things in 2010...

The Hogs made it to a BCS bowl!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! They don't actually play it in 2010 but all their hard work took place during this time to so I had to mention. I'm hoping my 2011 recap will begin with the mention of the Hogs WINNING the SUGAR BOWL!
I hope you all had a blessed year and that 2011 is even better.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hostess Gifts

Alright fellow bloggers, I need your help again!! I have little to no idea what to do for hostess gifts. Thoughts? Suggestions? Links to some of your favorite things? I want something fun and not overly gifted. And obviously I'm on a budget. Please help! Ready, set, GO!!!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning we all woke up to see what Santa had brought us. Looks like my sister's foster daughter (I'm not allowed to say her name and I'm really not supposed to have pictures of her) really liked what she got. I think Josh did too because it also speaks Spanish. Josh and I loved what Santa brought You know you're old when all you want for Christmas is money.

After gifts we had a lazy morning watching TV then we all got ready to head to my Aunt's house for lunch.

Here's the 24 week preggo picture again. I have one that's much brighter but the darker picture is just more slimming. :)

The picture Josh and I took like this last year had snow in the background. I'm sad we didn't have white Christmas again this year but I know lots of my friends did. We eventually made my way over to my Aunt's house to enjoy lunch with my mom's side of the family.

My cousin J.T. and Josh

Gene and Grace (who is being shy), Corey, and my cousin Tanner

My Uncle Mike and Colt

My sister Courtney and my cousin Megan

Granny and my Aunt Ruby

You know who these two studs are!

My cousins Joyce and Cathy, and my mom

My cousin Greg and Big D

We had a great time with my family. I'm sad I don't have a picture of my cousin Taylor. I only took one and couldn't post it. I will do better next time. After lunch I was informed that there were a few gifts under the tree for Sadie. I was shocked. My Granny had already given Sadie a couple things on Christmas Eve and now more of my family was spoiling her.
This is what my Granny got Sadie. For anyone who really knows me knows the significance of this pink blanket (and for those who don't...I MIGHT still sleep with my baby blanket...or two of them...and they MIGHT look a lot like this). And I loved these sweet outfits. I can't wait to see her in them. Let's hope she doesn't weight 15 pounds so she can wear them. :)

My Aunt Ruby got her this sweet outfit and hat. Oh my word. I love it! And I'm thinking something like this might go on a wall in her nursery.

My cousins Joyce, Mike, and Tanner along with Taylor and her family got Sadie this cute SOFT bear. And guess what's inside of it...

One of the softest blankets I've ever felt. I love it!

My cousins Greg, Cathy, Megan, and JT got Sadie this CUTE present light. It is going to go perfectly in her nursery. I LOVE it. I will be the perfect night light for her. I can't wait to set it out.
I am so thankful for my family who already love and spoil my little girl!!
After lunch with my family we headed to Josh's family to exchange gifts and eat dinner. I didn't get many pictures of his family because I had JUST made them pose for so many a couple of weeks ago at his cousin's wedding that I thought I would give them a break. I did get one of Josh, showing his Aunt Darlene his new toy.
I'm telling you, the boy didn't go anywhere without it this weekend.

This little guy, Till, entertained us all evening. He's such a wild man but oh so cute and funny. And he LOVES getting his picture taken so I am always willing to help him out.
For Josh's family we all drew names this year. Ronette (Josh's cousin's wife) had my name. She asked me if I wanted something for me or for Sadie. I told her Sadie, of course. In fact I told her to just go into Emersyn's (she'll turn one year old on Sadie's due date) closet and get me something she doesn't want anymore. Boy did she ever!

I can't to see Sadie in these cute things!
Josh and I had a great Christmas and are blessed with great families. This time next year things will be a little different and I can hardly wait!!