Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orange Beach 2010 Part 2

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday morning we woke up and headed to breakfast at one of our favorite spots. As we were getting in the car I couldn't help but notice the great view from the parking space.

How great is this?!?!

Tacky Jacks is one of our favorite places to go. We go there at least once every trip we take. This year is even more special because they are celebrating 30 years. Uh hello!?! Me too...and Josh! Happy 30th to everyone!

Checking out the menu although we all knew what we wanted to order before we even arrived.

We are both still a little tired!


Great views when you eat outside.

Even when we're out of town Josh still gives me flowers. He's so sweet.

Pancake anyone? It's big enough to share.

Josh had fun with Jack the bird.

Love a good rocking chair especially when it overlooks the ocean.

Daily beach picture. We are ready to go!

Dad is ready to go.

Court is ready to go.

Mom and Josh are ready to go.

Once we got down there it was obvious we'd need lots of these. Refreshing.

Josh and I sat by the water for a while then parked it under the tent. I had a feeling my legs were getting too much so and I would find out late just how right I was.

Mom and Dad enjoyed some time in the sun. It's so nice sitting right next to the water.

Afternoon view. So pretty. I love it here...if you can't tell.

Dad and Court just chilling. Since we had a big breakfast we opted to eat in. Josh needed to go get a book though and I needed some sun burn relief and dessert so he and I headed out for a bit.

Ooooo.... la!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It was very obvious that Tuesday it would be in my best interest to stay out of the sun for the day. My legs (in places) were on fire! I still don't really know why they got so burned. I had the same SPF all over. I have a feeling it has to do with having my legs in the water most of the time. Anyway, I didn't mind staying inside though. We started out our morning with a little treat.

Beignets. Yum.

Mom and Dad ate theirs at the breakfast table with the great views. Mom loved sitting here.

Just relaxing. Dad reading the paper and Josh reading a People magazine that was left in the condo. :)

Mom slicing up peaches. Court working a puzzle.

Mom and Dad soon went to the beach while the rest of us stayed inside.

We worked puzzles.

I cut out pattern pieces.

Josh did homework.

Courtney read.

Josh made him a bracelet.

I aloed up and read.

Once mom and dad had enough sun we all got ready to head out on the town. While we waited on mom to get ready dad picked a classic to watch on TV...Little House on the Prairie.

Dad is explainging LHOTP to Josh. Dad's quote at this moment, "Mary, she's blind."

Heading to dinner.

We wanted something light for dinner so we went to Lamerbert's. Ha, light, yeah right!!

Roll with apple butter. Delicious.

Dad with a ham?!? hanging over his head.

Throw them rolls.

Josh really enjoyed his rolls.

After dinner we needed to walk a little so we went to another of our favorite places.

Good times.

When we came home there was a weird looking thing in the ocean. It's like a boat on 3 poles. Anyone know what this is??

And of course, even though dinner was very filling, I couldn't end the day without a dessert (this MUST stop after vacation).

Peach Shortcake with FRESH peaches. Glory.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Orange Beach 2010 Part 1

Friday and Saturday, July 23 and 24, 2010

VACATION!!! Oh how I love you!! It all started for me with lunch at work on Friday. We ordered in...sonic and Shotgun Dan's! :)

After work (I left early) I went to church to pick up Josh. He was just getting from youth camp so I know he was really ready for a vacation. We got on the road them made a quick stop for gas and a snack. I had the BEST ice cream cone I've ever had at White Hall, AR.

Josh pictured with his buddy Ronald McD

Josh drove until we arrived to the condo at 3:00am. We thought about stopping but decided we just wanted to get to the beach. We ended up sleeping in, getting up for breakfast, the going back to sleep on Saturday. It was wonderful. When we finally woke up we took a trip to Publix for a few things.

I love Publix!

Then it was time for the beach. Yes, I'm aware my hat doesn't match my cover up (a night gown), which doesn't match my swimsuit, which doesn't match my shoes or my beach bag. I'm in the "redneck riviera" so does it really matter?!?

Double red flags flying but still people were enjoying the big waves.

Mom and Dad

Josh getting his sunscreen on

We were out there a little while and then Bonnie decided she'd pass us by. Luckily Bonnie was not as fierce as she was supposed to be. She was scary enough to clear the beach.

Everyone pretty much left at the same time.

While waiting on Bonnie to pass, which didn't take long, we all just hung around the condo.

Then it was outside to read and relax.

The empty lounge chair would soon be the spot of my second nap of the day.

Before I napped I read some of my "beach read".

The sound of the waves was so relaxing that I fell sound asleep. Glorious.

Thank you, Lord!

Eventually I moved from the deck to the bed for nap #3. I was so tired. My entire week of staying up late sewing was catching up with me. When I finally woke up to eat dinner I felt rested.

We ordered pizza for dinner and it was so good. We had it last year too and remembered it was fabulous. Well, except for the crab pizza Josh ordered. We KNEW not to get that again. After dinner I went to bed, imagine that, and it was wonderful. I love sleeping!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday morning we woke up, the parent's cooked us breakfast, then it was off to the beach.

My cover up situation has improved although it's still a night gown I'm wearing. At least my swimsuit has pink and green in it.

Love sitting by the water.

The waves were still big and so great!

This is the life.

During our relaxing time on the beach there was some excitement. Apparently a bag of "pot" washed up on the beach so the police had to come check it out.

I'm sure the nosy Southern women (my mother included) will be a great help to the police.

The weather started to take a turn later so we packed it up and came inside.
Josh got on the internet.

The tomatoes sunbathed in the window.
Then we all got ready to head to mall and to eat dinner. We had some down time while we waited for my mother to get ready. This is pretty typical in our house.

Eventually mom got ready and we headed to the mall. We weren't there super long but long enough to spend some money and for Josh to get a family photo.

Where's Josh??
We left the mall and headed to dinner.

We tried to go to LuLu's last year but it was soooo crowded. We were all glad to be able to check it out this year.

Fried green tomatoes and fried okra. YUMMY!!!
Dinner was so good and since we ate early there was enough time for a nap and...dessert.

I'm really enjoying the DQ down the street from our condo.