Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Sewing

This past weekend was wonderful!! Josh and I went on a date Friday night...dinner, Maggie Moo's, a redbox movie, perfect! Saturday we got up and went to the gym. It's a miracle to get me to the gym on a Saturday (or any day, really) so that was nice. Then we got groceries and spent the rest of the day at home. Josh did homework and I sat at the sewing machine. Last week I had shown a lady I work with some fabric I was going to use to make a dress for Harper and she loved it! She asked if I would make one for her to send as a baby gift. So on Saturday I sat down and made her one. I love how these dresses turned out. Harper's looks just like this but its a few sizes bigger.

Since then I've had several other people requesting I make dresses for them as well. So although I don't have an etsy shop or a store website I do take custom orders on the things I make. In the near future I'll have a button/link put on my blog but in the mean time you can e-mail if you have any questions or see something you'd like. My e-mail address is in my profile.

The rest of our weekend was wonderful and may or may not have included a snow cone...with cream. Now it's back to work this week. I need a vacation!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not Much

So what's been going on, you ask? Not much!! Can you believe I haven't blogged in over a week? I had been doing so well at it. It's just that there really isn't much going on that's blog-worthy right now. And you know when that happens a "bullet" post is in order. So here it goes...

  • This past weekend Josh and I stayed at my parent's house to watch Chloe and water the flowers. We had a pretty low key weekend which I was glad about. Most of the afternoon on Saturday was spent at Walmart...getting Josh a summer wardrobe. I'm so thankful to be married to a guy who wants to look nice but isn't too proud to buy clothes from Walmart at times. He got some REALLY nice things. Things you'd find at any high-end store. He looks good in anything so why not save a little money?!
  • Has anyone noticed how hot it is? Oh my word! I'm hoping this means that fall is going to come early, like say July, and it will be mild and wonderful. A girl can dream, right?
  • I bought my first official watermelon yesterday and it was so good. What I'm about to say will come as a shock to those who know me well but I like good cold watermelon about as much as I like cupcakes. I know, crazy! The one I cut up last night is really good. I can't wait to go home and eat more.
  • Josh and I FINALLY made it back to the gym this morning after a LONG break. We shouldn't have let so much time go by without going to the gym but we did. I'm hoping we're getting back into a routine. Only a few more weeks until vacation so I certainly NEED to be going.
  • Speaking of vacation I've been really sad about all this oil in the Gulf. Selfishly I'm upset because we go to the gulf every year and it really messes up my R & R. I'm also upset though because of the affects on the marine life as well as the economy and jobs for people in the area. We are supposed to go to Orange Beach this year. We all thought about other options for vacations spots but we just can't abandon the gulf. At this point we're still planning on going. My first vacation there was in 1985, I was 5 years old, and the thought of not going there, during their time of need, makes me sad. So assuming it isn't unbearable then we're still going. I follow Orange Beach on twitter, check daily updates on their official sight, and get feedback from people in the area so I feel like we'll know if it gets too bad. From what I gather they are doing a great job of cleaning the beaches every night and are working hard to keep it a place that people will want to vacation. I can't wait to get back to it!
  • I've had lots of fun sewing lately. I really like finding patterns that I understand. I still take classes on Tuesdays but I like knowing that I can do some things on my own. I will post pictures soon of what I've been working on lately. They are really cute!
  • Is anyone else as OBSESSED as I am about snow cones?? I can't get enough of them. I've had to cut myself off because they are loaded with sugar. I allow myself to have one on the weekends. During the week I eat popsicles to cut the cravings.

Well, I guess those are all the bullets for now! I'll try to be back more this week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Randomness

Let me just say that I was THRILLED when the weekend finally rolled around. I had to be at work SUPER early this week which was not fun. What made it even worse is that Josh was busy at the church all week and didn't get home every night until around 12:30 am!!! So needless to say we barely saw each other. This past week was World Changers at our church. It's a really neat opportunity for our church and community but it's a lot of work. One way our youth got involved was by selling snacks to the other students during free time. This was also a way for our youth to earn some money for their summer camp. Since Josh is the youth minister he did all the work of setting up of the "Snack Shack" and getting it ready to go every day. Since I had a crazy work week I didn't go to church at all until Friday. I wanted to be sure and see what all Josh had been up too that week. He was very nice to give me a tour of the Snack Shack...and then take me to dinner...and then make me a snow cone!!

The snack shack was converted from a mobile army mess hall that one of our church members bought. It's really neat!

They served all kinds of great things!

Even played some jams...including Shaun Groves.

Here's Josh making me a snow cone. He knows how much I love them.


Grape and Cherry...delicious.

Saturday I spent ALL DAY CLEANING! Who would have thought a 650 square foot apartment could take you all day. OK, by "all day" I mean 5 hours or more. That's a lot of the day. :) After all my hard work I took a nap, bought some patterns online, ate dinner, and then it was time to embroider. My mom bought some bags the other day and wanted me to embroider them. She's thinking of getting some more as gifts but wasn't sure what fonts would look best so I tried a couple out.

This bag was pretty easy to monogram on and thank goodness it went on straight.

I really like this font.

The second bag was not as easy. There was a lot of elastic in the band. I finally got it situated and everything was going along great until the elastic moved and the metal snap got in the way. Sewing machines don't really like metal snaps.

I broke my first needle. Luckily I had extra ones!

The bag turned out really cute though. And it's on straight too (although it doesn't look like it in this picture).

This is one of my new favorite fonts. I have a feeling my mom has lots of things in mind for me to embroider in the coming days.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


*Disclaimer: the pictures are terrible! I hate having to apologize for poor photo quality but I can't get a new fancy camera until we have a little Bazyk running around (Remember our deal Dad? I provide, through God's sovereignty of course, you a grandchild and you provide us with a new camera to photograph him or her?) and since that's not happening just yet I'm going to have to deal with it. It would help if I would swallow my pride and actually use the flash in places where the lighting is bad (I get embarrassed, I mean, chawed) or if I would make sure the settings haven't been switched before I capture a one-of-a-kind moment. Oh well. Consider yourself warned.*

This past Sunday our church had the great privilege of having Shaun Groves in concert. He was fabulous. I have always liked his music that I've heard on the radio but after seeing him in person I think I like it even more.

Part of Shaun's concerts include sharing about about Compassion. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this organization but for those of you who aren't I'll give you the short version. To get more information click on the link. Compassion is a Christian organization that makes sure children of all ages are taken care of physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally through the support of it's sponsors. For $38 a month a child can have all of these needs met and then some. We can't even begin to understand what it's like to live in some of the conditions these children live in. For most of us our worst conditions are better than their best conditions. Josh and I had talked about sponsoring a child once we got married. Unfortunately we kept coming up with excuses. Yes, our money is tight, and yes we should probably use the $38 a month to finish paying off our car and to put towards his seminary but the desire to sponsor a child was always something on my heart. We had just started sponsoring one with our youth group but Josh and I had yet to personally sponsor one. During the concert I leaned over to Josh and told him I felt like we should sponsor a child. He said we could take the information and talk about it later. I wasn't really happy with that answer but just let it go. As we sat there and listened to the stories being shared I felt more compelled to sponsor a child that night. I wasn't going to push the issue anymore but luckily I didn't have to. As the concert came to a close Josh leaned over and said we should go ahead and sponsor one. So, meet our sweet 6 year old Pedro,

I let Josh pick out our child and here's who he picked. I was thrilled! I knew Josh wanted one from Central or South America and I knew he wanted a boy since we have a girl with our youth. This little guy just seemed right. Josh might have mentioned the fact that his name is Pedro...Napoleon's friend. That was just an added bonus. We are so excited to get to know this little guy. I hope one day we'll get to go meet him. I'm giving request to the Lord so we'll see what He says. :) I think now is the time for others of you who might have been thinking about sponsoring a child to go for it. You will not be disappointed and I know God will bless you!

I helped at the sign up table after the concert. The guy behind the table is Ben, he's Shaun's right-hand man and a super cool guy too. Once all of that was finished and put away Josh and I, along with a bunch of other people headed to dinner at Chili's.

Here we are with Shaun. Kelly and Scott were right when they told me he's really funny and as super cool hair. I'm even more of a fan now! Not to mention he went to Baylor and his wife went to the U of A. Hello?? Kindred spirits if I do say so myself!

Ethan, Jane Ellen, Pam (Our Pastor's family), Shannon and Aaron (getting married one month from today!)

Jarrett and Marcia (Music minister's wife and youngest son)

The wait staff at the Chilis we were at were GREAT! They had our tables ready in no time and cheese dip on the table. Apparently there is only ONE way for Shaun to eat queso and that is by adding blue cheese dressing to it.


I admit I was a little skeptical at first. My first bite was a little cool as the queso was adjusting to the temperature of the dressing. I let it sit there a little longer before I went back for bite #2. And as it turns out it's really good!! Josh really liked it too but not nearly as much as the salsa.

Laurie, this picture is for you.

Needless to say Josh and I had a great time on Sunday. For those of you who haven't sponsored a Compassion child or put blue cheese dressing in your queso, I urge you to do it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Last weekend I was able to head to the lake with some of my favorite friends. When I moved to Little Rock before starting the 10th grade I. Was. Not. Happy. Thank goodness the Lord knows best because if I hadn't moved I never would have met these girls and they are some of the best friends a girl can ask for. We all try to get together a once or twice a year and just hang out for the weekend. Unfortunately Sarah and Suzanne couldn't come.

Friday night we met up, headed to Hot Springs, and went to dinner. Afterwards we came back to the condo and talked and talked and talked.

The next morning we woke up and talked, and talked and talked. And then we went and got lunch and snow cones.

Such a cute little stand.

Laura was excited!

Here we are with our treasures.

After snow cones we hung out by the pool...which over looked the lake. Beautiful!


Then we went to dinner. Dinner was great except for one little problem...

The person at the table next to us TALKED SO LOUD!! Inside voices people. :) I think she was talking about pageants...for little girls. That's a whole other blog post.

Anyway, after dinner we talked some more and then bed time. Sunday morning I was so sad when had to get up and head home. I miss these girls so much when they aren't around. They are huge blessings in my life and for that I'm thankful.

Monday, June 7, 2010


As you know, one of my favorite things to do is sew. And what better to sew than fun things for some of my favorite girls?! A while back my friend Kelly did something VERY nice for me. I wanted to do something for her to say "thank you" but if you know Kelly you know that she does NOT want people fussing over her. So, to avoid a fight :) I decided I'd make something for Harper. I was interested in making things for little girls anyway so it worked out great. I figured a jumper dress was something I needed to know how to make and something I thought Harper would look great in. So I ventured out and decided to make her a reversible dress. Here's how it turned out...

I REALLY love the green rick rack on the neckline and bottom. I was scared it would be hard to get it to curve right but it wasn't and I think it makes it much cuter.

This side was originally the "lining" but I'm not sure that it isn't my favorite side.

While making this dress I took a bow making class so I figured it would be perfect to make H a matching bow. I wanted it to look good with both sides.

I'm really pleased how it all turned out. Not to mention it was really easy so I feel I can make more without much effort at all. I like that kind of sewing! And I couldn't very well send Miss Harper something without thinking of two of my other favorite girls. I just had to send something to Emily and Sarah Kate as well. I wanted to try something "different" for them and had no clue how it would turn out. After putting rick rack on H's dress I was wanting to do more things with it. I thought about things I could use it for and decided a simple applique might look great with it. And if I was going to do something "simple" I needed to embroider it as well. After their little shirts were complete I couldn't very well mail them without a matching bow. So, here's how they turned out...

My camera is not great so just trust me that it looks much clearer in person. I actually loved how they turned out.

Again, this one looks better in person too. And I LOVE the little shorts with the tie bows on them. I knew E would be OK with a little skort but as wild as SK is she'd need shorts. :)I informed Laurie their little shirts might fall apart in the wash but I sure hope they don't.

I had a lot of fun making these things for such sweet girls. I imagine I will be making them more things in the future. They are so cute and sweet and I couldn't find better models!

I will be back tomorrow to update on my weekend. It was WONDERFUL!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This is a few days late but better late than never! Josh and I had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend. Friday night after work I went home to make Josh's sister, Callie, part of her birthday gift. Josh had things to do that night so it was the perfect time to sit at my machine and sew. I had gotten her some jewelry at Charming Charlie and decided to make a jewelry envelope to put it in. I didn't have a pattern so it took me a little while to get it measured out, especially with the embroidery on it.

Here's what all I used to make the envelope.

It turned out pretty cute...if I do say so myself. Not perfect, but cute!

Here's the lining.

Saturday morning Josh and I got up, went to Panera for breakfast, and then hit the road. We went to see his dad and grandmother first thing and then headed to his Aunt's house for a cookout. When we got there I was so glad to see little Emersyn there. She had been in the hospital a few days last week and for a while the doctors weren't sure what as wrong. Luckily she is all better and as cute as can be!

I need one of these, don't I? :)

We has such a good time with Josh's family. His cousins and their wives/girlfriend are so fun to be around. I sure wished they lived closer.

Logan, Ashley, Nathan, Tanner, Josh and Till and Camden in the front

Here's all the guys. Aren't they handsome? And the two lookers in front are the most handsome. All of these guys are Josh's cousins.

Silly Boys

The Ladies: Me (big girls shouldn't wear white and khaki), Ronette (Nathan's wife, Camden and Emersyn's mom); Amy (Tanner's wife, Till and one-on-the-way's mom); Sarah (Ashley's girlfriend)

Logan and Till enjoying and afternoon snack

Camden is so sweet to share.

Camden and Josh

After lunch we all went to Tanner and Amy's house. They had just built it and it was so nice. Ronette was exhausted from having a newborn and having been with her in the hospital that she left Emersyn with Amy and I for a couple of hours. I got LOTS of baby time in. Amy and I took turns holding and feeding her but I let Amy change all the diapers. :) While the girls were inside the boys were outside riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the whole gang. Tanner, Nathan, Logan, and Josh all had a vehicle and they let the little boy sride along as well. From what I hear they had a great time. It's things like this which make me sad we don't live in the country.

After they all returned from their adventure Till and Camden still had some energy left to play. Unfortunately Josh and I had to head home. When we got back to Little Rock we went to eat Mexican and then went to bed. We were exhausted!

Sunday was a great day too! We had a picnic after church and then Josh and I went to see Letters to Juliet. I like going to the movies in the afternoon.

Not the best picture we've ever taken.

Later we went to my parent's house for dinner and then home to bed. We were both thrilled to be able to sleep in and not have to go to work the next day. And by sleep in I mean get up at 7, or at least I did. I let Josh sleep until 8 though. I'm nice like that. We didn't do much on our day off except a few things around the house, a couple of errands but most importantly, we got our FIRST snow cone of the season.

Pina Coloda with sweet cream. Oh. My. Word. So good!

Oh yeah, mom and I did catch one Memorial Day sale. Look what my mom got me:

Embroidery thread that was half off!! What a blessing!

Like I said we had a wonderful weekend! I'm equally excited about the weekend to come. Bring on some girl time at the lake!