Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Been A While

I know it has been a while since I've posted. I will try to do better. I have some pictures of different things that have been going on the last couple of weeks and I will share those with you in the near future. For now I just want to brag on God! Yesterday evening I found out that a couple accepted the offer to buy my house!!!!!!! Can I get a, "PRAISE THE LORD"?? When I called Josh and told him I was sobbing because I just couldn't believe it. You all know that the housing market is not good for sellers. But MY GOD IS BIGGER!!!

From the moment I found out I was going to be able to buy the house 3 and a half years ago it has stood as a tangible object of faith for me. Besides the fact that the house was completely out of my price range other reason made it seem impossible to buy. The LORD, however, had that house for me and He made it happen against all odds. He provides! Then after 2 years of living with 2 roommates one of my roommates decides to venture out and buy her own home. I was very stressed about finances and not having the extra cushion. At the same time as that the LORD provided a opportunity for me to clean dentist offices during the week. Wouldn't you know the money I made doing that was MORE than enough to cover what I received from my roommate ever month. He provides. And then yesterday I find out my other roommate is moving out ASAP and for a couple months I would have to carry the expenses on my own. A few hours after she told me she was moving (because she got a job...PRAISE THE LORD for that as well) I got a phone call from my realtor that the couple wanted my house and the bank approved them. He provides! I kept telling Holly, my roommate, that she would get job at the same time I sell my house. Praise the LORD He worked it out that way. We still have to make it through the inspection and appraisal so please pray for favor on both of those things. God has brought us this far and I know He will bring it to completion. Sometimes it is just hard for me to not be anxious! you can tell the moral to this story is God PROVIDES. BELIEVE HIM!!! His plans are far better than ours!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Fourth

Ok, so I know it's a little late but better late than never. This past weekend for the Fourth I went to Tulsa for some fun and shopping. Along for the trip were my mom, sister, Dianne, and Shannon. We had a great time! All we did was...

...visit the aquarium...

(we invited this fish to the wedding b/c he was black and white)


...and eat cheesecake!

Sorry I don't have more pictures but that pretty much sums up our weekend. Fortunately we got a lot accomplished. My mom got her dress, shoes, and jewelry for the wedding, I got my shoes and jewelry for the wedding, and we got the bridesmaid's gifts. It was a very productive time for us! Yea!!!!! And the cheesecake was good too!