Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Fun

I have lots of pictures from our Christmas fun on my real camera. Problem is I will most likely not get to those anytime soon. This is as good as it gets for now!

Our "Day After Thanksgiving" tradition of Christmas pajamas and books.

The lights at Garvan Woodland Gardens.

Sophie in a cute Christmas outfit on the buggy at school.

Sadie and her very own Christmas tree.


We love Santa!

Sweet sisters.

Just for fun!

Sadie and Brooklann performing for us.

Santa Claus stopped by.

My pretty pretty princess.

Minnie Mouse loves to rock.

Couldn't escape the holidays without nasty germs.


Sophie modeling one of her Christmas gifts!
We had a great Christmas and hope you did too!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 9, 2013

My Girls...Candid

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Potty Training Fun

A little over a month ago we decided to try potty training Sadie. I have not looked forward to potty training at all. I thought for sure she was ready before Sophie came along but our pediatrician advised us to wait until after she was born. One day I was just done. I didn't want to change another big girl diaper.

I knew I wanted to try the 3-day method. There are lots of blog posts on this method. It's one where you just go for it and don't look back.

We went to Walmart and let her pick out her big girl panties and treats.

We spent the days leading up to the official day talking all about being a big girl and using the potty and how there would be no more diapers. When she woke up on day 1 she picked which panties she wanted to wear and that was it.

The first day she spent a lot of time on the potty. I set the timer on my phone and every time it went off we cheered and ran to the potty. Sometimes we would be in there much longer than I had planned.

She entertained herself with coloring...

...and snacks. Don't judge. We did whatever she wanted. :) Every time she deposited something in the toilet she got to decorate the lid.

This and washing her hands with the Bath and Body Works foam soap were the highlights of the entire experience.

The first day she had several accidents but by the third day she had none. I was so proud of her. She wore and still wears night time panties (pull ups) for nap and bedtime but otherwise she has done great.

She was so excited when Big Dog brought her a toy for doing so well.

Dr.'s time for a checkup!

Since we started she has had a couple of random accidents but hardly any. Naps still aren't perfect and night time isn't either but we'll take it a day at a time.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Months Old

Sophie you are two months old. Ok, technically 2.5 months old but seeing as how I haven't even done your one month post lets not get hung up on technicalities. And perhaps one day I will come back and add pictures actually taken on my camera. For now these will have to do.

You are so sweet and smile all the time. You do get very upset when you're tired. It's my fault. I trained you to sleep in your crib and you prefer that. Speaking of sleep, you're a rock star. Since 5 weeks you have slept from 10-7; at 9 weeks you slept 9-7; and just this week you started 7-7. Thank you! The last few weeks the 45 minute intruder has tried to ruin our nap time. We're staying strong though and working through it. :)

You had been taking 6-4oz bottles but now that you are taking 5 bottles some are 4oz and some are 5oz. You like to eat!

You wear size 0-3m clothes and a few 3m things. You wear a size 1 diaper.

You are 80% for weight, 60% for height, and 45% for head. These measurements aren't completely accurate because they are as of 2.5 months. We'll have a better idea of how you really measure up at your 4 month appointment.

You have acid reflux but for the last month you've been taking Prevacid which seems to help.

You love to play. You like to be flat on your back playing with toys hanging from your play mat. You also love when people talk to you. You want lots of attention and since you're so cute you get it.

You talk all the time. You really like to talk right before nap or bedtime. You are so sweet to listen to. You are starting to spit and blow spit bubbles. Not very lady-like but we'll work on it!

Besides your voice you've discovered your tongue, hands, feet, and my hair. Please stop pulling it. It hurts mommy.

You sure are a sweet addition to our family. We all adore you, even Sadie. Hard to remember what life was like before you. So thankful you are our little girl. We love you!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dancing Queen

A couple of weeks ago Sadie went to a birthday party for her friend Willow. It was at The Little Gym here in Little Rock. She had the best time and I had so much fun watching her. I was amazed at how well she followed the teacher's instructions and listened. It was at that moment I realized she might be able to handle gymnastics or dance. It wasn't a difficult decision to decide which would be best for Sadie. She loves to dance and pretty much always has. I will admit, the girl has got some moves. I decided to ask around and check a few places out. We decided on one we felt would be a good fit for all of us.
Our first item on the to-do list was to buy shoes and leotards.

Sadie loved trying on shoes. It was so cute watching her walk around in tiny tap shoes. She became such a big girl in a matter of seconds.

Her first dance class was so much fun. She went right in to class and didn't bat an eye. She stood around and watched at first but the she quickly loosened up. It was nice getting to watch her dance on the monitor out front.

I'm so thankful Sadie is able to do this. She has so much fun and it's good physical activity. I also think its great for her to listen to someone and learn to follow directions. She is a tad privileged at church and school so she needs another place of instruction.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So Fast

It's true what they say. It really does go by so fast. I blinked and my newest little love turned one month (that post is coming soon). One month! I can honestly say this is when I start to actually like having a newborn. Don't misunderstand, I fell in love the moment I saw her but teeny tiny newborns are not my favorite. I'm a planner, I like a schedule, I need predictability, consistency, and sleep. None of those things come with a newborn. Around a month I feel like some of these things start to return. She still likes to surprise me but at least by this point I know her better. As most of you know I'm a scheduler and by now we have somewhat of a routine. It helps me function and makes me happy. A happy momma is a good thing. Sleep is coming in longer stretches and that is a great thing.

I feel like I'm finally getting into my rhythm. I've had several really good days lately and for that I'm thankful. Being a momma is hard work but I'm blessed to be one.
And I happen to have the cutest girls in the world.

I wasn't fully prepared for what a newborn and toddler would do to my sanity but I love it and wouldn't change a thing. God is good and my little ladies are my favorite.

Can't leave out my big girl. Pretty girl.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shared Germs

Yes, I'm still posting from my phone but at least I'm posting, right?!

We have some yucky cold germs in our home right now. Sadie and I were the first victims and unfortunately our newest member didn't escape the wrath either. It's not a bad cold, per se, but with Sophie being so little it hasn't been fun. Luckily she has been a champ. In between coughing, sneezing, and suctioning she is her sweet, smiley self. The cold has wreaked havoc on her reflux which has been a bummer but hopefully it will be over soon. I took her to the doctor on Friday just so they could listen to her lungs and all is clear right now. Praying it stays that way!

Sadie is better and I am trying to get better. It just takes longer to get well when you aren't getting lots of good rest. Sophie really is a great sleeper but I'm having issues adjusting to our new sleep schedule. I'm getting there though!

Here are a few pictures just for fun...

Sweet girl did not like the bulb at first but has since warmed up to it. I think she knows it makes her feel better!

See? Still smiling.

Since she has been sick my "middle of the night box" has been filled with more essentials.

While Sophie and I were at the doctor Josh was hanging out with Sadie. He took her to Target for popcorn and an icee at 9:15 in the morning. Then he took her to Lifeway and carried a chair from across the store to the television so she could watch Vegetales. She loves her daddy and now you know why! :)

And here's a sweet picture of Sadie helping me wake Sophie yesterday. She has been sleeping in her bed some, even with her cold, but the drainage has made it harder the last day or so. Really praying this nasty stuff leaves us soon!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sassy Sister

When Sophie was about a week old Ashley came over to take pictures of the girls. I will share more later but I had to share my favorite one right away. Let's just say Sadie was less than thrilled to be having her picture taken with her new baby sister. She may or may not have tried to push her off the chair. To get her to even get near her I had to bribe her. Notice the package of "yummies" in the picture.
There are so many captions I could use for this photo. It pretty much sums up how our last few weeks have been. Ha. I am happy to report that Sadie does seem to be getting better. She has been sleeping better and is adjusting to her new normal. We are definitely dealing with a 2 year old going on 13 year old but I am confident that would be the case with or without Sophie. I think I use the word "obey" at least 986 times a day. I hear 3 is harder than 2 and that terrifies me. Lord, equip me with the grace, mercy, and patience I need. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sophie's Receiving Blanket

I've had LOTS of questions regarding Sophie's receiving blanket. It's so cute so I'm not surprised! :) It has her full name and monogram.

My mom bought it for her from monogrammarketplace on etsy. I can't link it from my phone but if I could I would! Let me just say I love this blanket. It's so soft, it's thin but warm, and the perfect size. You all need one! You can get it in tons of color combos and they have lovey size or receiving size. Perfect for baby gifts. You can get it with the baby's stats too if you want to wait to order. Monogrammarketplace has no idea I'm even posting this so this isn't a paid advertisement. I genuinely love it and so does Sophie. If you have any more questions just let me know!