Friday, August 2, 2013

Sassy Sister

When Sophie was about a week old Ashley came over to take pictures of the girls. I will share more later but I had to share my favorite one right away. Let's just say Sadie was less than thrilled to be having her picture taken with her new baby sister. She may or may not have tried to push her off the chair. To get her to even get near her I had to bribe her. Notice the package of "yummies" in the picture.
There are so many captions I could use for this photo. It pretty much sums up how our last few weeks have been. Ha. I am happy to report that Sadie does seem to be getting better. She has been sleeping better and is adjusting to her new normal. We are definitely dealing with a 2 year old going on 13 year old but I am confident that would be the case with or without Sophie. I think I use the word "obey" at least 986 times a day. I hear 3 is harder than 2 and that terrifies me. Lord, equip me with the grace, mercy, and patience I need. 


Katie said...

Amen, sister. Keep praying that prayer. ; )

LOVE her face though. One day it will be funny?

Love you! Glad Sophie is doing well.

Unknown said...

Oh Lawd honey, you have me so worried! Em is definitely going through terrible 2's and I'm afraid the phrase "let's make good choices" is going to be used 157 times a day once Madeline is here.

I'll pray for you, if you pray for me!

Jill said...

Her world has been ROCKED! LOL Those two sweeties are going to be best friends in the very near future. I'm happy to hear Sadie is adjusting...she is so funny. Love her!