Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shared Germs

Yes, I'm still posting from my phone but at least I'm posting, right?!

We have some yucky cold germs in our home right now. Sadie and I were the first victims and unfortunately our newest member didn't escape the wrath either. It's not a bad cold, per se, but with Sophie being so little it hasn't been fun. Luckily she has been a champ. In between coughing, sneezing, and suctioning she is her sweet, smiley self. The cold has wreaked havoc on her reflux which has been a bummer but hopefully it will be over soon. I took her to the doctor on Friday just so they could listen to her lungs and all is clear right now. Praying it stays that way!

Sadie is better and I am trying to get better. It just takes longer to get well when you aren't getting lots of good rest. Sophie really is a great sleeper but I'm having issues adjusting to our new sleep schedule. I'm getting there though!

Here are a few pictures just for fun...

Sweet girl did not like the bulb at first but has since warmed up to it. I think she knows it makes her feel better!

See? Still smiling.

Since she has been sick my "middle of the night box" has been filled with more essentials.

While Sophie and I were at the doctor Josh was hanging out with Sadie. He took her to Target for popcorn and an icee at 9:15 in the morning. Then he took her to Lifeway and carried a chair from across the store to the television so she could watch Vegetales. She loves her daddy and now you know why! :)

And here's a sweet picture of Sadie helping me wake Sophie yesterday. She has been sleeping in her bed some, even with her cold, but the drainage has made it harder the last day or so. Really praying this nasty stuff leaves us soon!


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