Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sophie's Receiving Blanket

I've had LOTS of questions regarding Sophie's receiving blanket. It's so cute so I'm not surprised! :) It has her full name and monogram.

My mom bought it for her from monogrammarketplace on etsy. I can't link it from my phone but if I could I would! Let me just say I love this blanket. It's so soft, it's thin but warm, and the perfect size. You all need one! You can get it in tons of color combos and they have lovey size or receiving size. Perfect for baby gifts. You can get it with the baby's stats too if you want to wait to order. Monogrammarketplace has no idea I'm even posting this so this isn't a paid advertisement. I genuinely love it and so does Sophie. If you have any more questions just let me know!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Meets Little

When Josh and I first started talking about a second baby my biggest hesitation was Sadie. It was hard to imagine that I could love another baby as much as I love her. I also felt guilty for changing her little comfortable world. I knew and still know she needs a sibling. Desperately. :) That fact doesn't make it any easier on a momma's heart.

Leading up to delivery Sadie was my biggest concern. How would she take it? How would it affect her? Would she love her sister? Would she know that mommy and daddy still love her bunches? The night before we went in for the induction I rocked her and cried like a baby. I wanted more than anything for her to be ok and to adjust well.

After Sophie arrived I couldn't wait for Sadie to meet her. I admit I was so nervous. I wasn't sure how she'd handle the hospital setting, what she'd think of her sister, and if she'd be upset when she had to leave.

My parents brought Sadie to see us the day after Sophie was born.
Immediately she ran up to me and let me hold her. When I directed her towards Sophie her little face lit up and I knew she loved her.

She loved her sister and loved opening her goodie bag.

Sadie's visit to the hospital was better than I could have imagined! She handled everything so well and I was so proud. I missed my big girl while I was gone.

Since we've been home it's been a little crazy though. My sweet Sadie Lady has had a tough time adjusting. I've heard it's normal and she'll eventually settle but it has been hard to watch. Her little world has been rocked and I did this to her. I know it's a good thing, or a great thing, but I hate to see her like this. She has good days and bad days but I constantly tell her how much I love her and do my best to put her needs first. It's a challenge but I know it's just a season. Soon she will settle into our new normal and she will love it!

Josh and I are so thankful for both our baby girls. We are blessed and we don't deserve them.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hospital Stay

I have a lot more pictures on my real camera but who knows how long it will take before I get to those so here's a look at our hospital stay.

From the second Sophie was born we all thought she looked so much like Sadie. Who knows if they will always look alike but here's proof that they do.

They are each a day old in this picture. It's crazy!

Anyway...we had lots of fun visitors at the hospital but they are all on my other camera. One cool thing that has changed since Sadie was born is how they do hospital photos. While there a photographer came in to take Sophie's picture. She set up shop in the corner of the room and here's a sample of what she took.

Every picture was so good! All 36 of them. I'm thankful our hospital provides this service.

I love our hospital. The nurses and staff are fabulous and I admit I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. We spent quality time admiring our new little girl and just relaxed. I chose to send Sophie to the nursery both nights and what a good decision that was. I slept well and felt refreshed.

Eventually it was time for us to head home. I was sad to leave but ready to see my big girl. I wasn't able to get good phone pictures of her going home outfit but these will have to do.

Tomorrow I will post the pictures of Sadie meeting Sophie for the first time. It was such a sweet time. I love my girls!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sophie's Birth Day

*Sorry for the poor picture quality. Still posting from my phone.*

Last Wednesday, July 10, I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 7:30am to be induced. Boy was I ready. I took one last picture before heading out.

My mom came to our house to be with Sadie and take her to school. It was so nice knowing Sadie would be with people she loved while mommy and daddy were away.
I was so nervous there wouldn't be a bed available once we got to the hospital but I was wrong. We arrived and were checked in immediately. It took a little while to get everything hooked up but eventually the pitocin was flowing, my water had been broken and we just waited.

And enjoyed a gourmet breakfast of this yumminess.

I was a tad nervous about getting my epidural. It didn't go so well with Sadie. I'm so thankful that this time was so much different. Everything went great and I was pain free and sleepy in no time.
We waited a while and I kept a close eye on the monitors. I was so nervous for some reason. Not sure why. It took a while to get going but by 3:30 I was 6cm and by 4:25 I was starting to push. Sophie was born 10 minutes later. Earlier that day when my water broke my doctor said there was meconium in it so Sophie would need to be seen by the NICU nurses right away for examination. As soon as she was born they suctioned her and passed her off so the nursing team could check her out. It was hard because they couldn't let her cry right away. It only took a few minutes but seemed like an eternity. Eventually I heard that sweet sound. Josh was able to see her and be with her but it took forever for me to get to hold her.

Eventually I was able to hold my baby girl. She was perfect if every way.

A little hungry and cold but perfect.

I am so blessed and thankful to have her here safely.

God is so good. We love her so much.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sophie

Our sweet Sophie was born Wednesday, July 10 at 4:35pm. She weighed 8 pounds even and was 19 3/4in long. She is a total doll baby. I'm so overwhelmed by God's blessing of a second baby girl.

I will post more details and pictures soon. Thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Hard Being Two

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bags Are Packed

Well who knows exactly when Sophie is coming but at least all our bags are packed and ready to go.

Sophie and I have bags for the hospital and Sadie has a bag for her time with Jules and Big Dog.

Inside my suitcase is a hospital goodie bag for Sadie too. It has a new tiny baby with car seat, some baby clothes, stickers, coloring book, crayons, Big Sister book, rings, a small pinwheel (she is obsessed with pinwheels), and Cheetos. You know, the essentials. :) A few sweet souls also gave her gifts to open up at the hospital so I'm taking those too.

Sophie's bag is complete with all her sweet gowns, matching bows, and coming home outfit.

And of course my girls need coordinating clothes to wear.

Sadie is also bringing Sophie a gift. Should be interesting to see how well she gives it up since she already constantly says, "no, no Sophie" when we talk about sharing her toys.

She is giving her a jelly cat lovey and a doll.

This pregnancy has flown by until now but hopefully we're just a few days away from meeting our newest little lady. Stay tuned...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

39 Weeks

Yep, that's right. I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant (this picture was actually taken at 38w). I sure thought little Sophie Lee would be here by now. She isn't. I'm afraid she might be 12lbs by the time I deliver her. My doctor was going to schedule an induction for Monday but they are all full. Bummer. Guess we'll wait and see when she actually makes her grand entrance. I will mention how thankful I am for the weather. What a nice way to spend the last few days of pregnancy. I was terrified it would be 115 degrees by now. God is good.

I am very ready to meet this little lady. I'd be lying if I said I'm not also ready to have this little lady out of my body. This week I've hit the miserable stage. Everything hurts and takes a lot of effort. I'm lucky I haven't swelled this time, no real BP issues, and no carpal tunnel. For that I'm very thankful.

So we're most likely still a few days away from meeting our second baby girl. I'm going to spend them soaking up some quality time with my first baby girl. Her world is about to be rocked and I pray she adjusts well.

I will be sure and let you know when she arrives. I will gladly accept any prayers for a safe delivery. Thanks in advance!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America

Yesterday was July 4th and the birthday of our great country. I love our country and am so thankful for freedom. I am also thankful I was able to spend some quality time with my family of 3 before we soon add a 4th!
Yesterday we took Sadie to a local splash park.

At first she was a tad intimidated by the shooting water so she stayed at the swings and the rope ladders.

A sweet park employee came around while we were there and gave out small American flags to all the kids. Sadie was obsessed with it and held it all day long.

She finally got brave and played in the water. She loved it!

After the splash park we came home for naps. Then we went to the grocery store so Josh could grill out hot dogs. We had a fancy meal straight from the store: hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, and apple pie ala mode for dessert. I don't feel a bit guilty that it was all prepared and packaged by the great people at Kroger.
After our yummy dinner we let the little lady play outside in her princess pool. She loves that pool (post with pics to come) and asks to play in it every day.
We wanted to take Sadie to see the fireworks at the river but they don't shoot them off until late and she was sound asleep by 8:00pm. Josh and I watched them on tv and then caught some of them out our back window.
Our day wasn't anything spectacular but I had the best day with my two loves. Our lives are about to change in the coming days and I loved soaking up some fun with just us.
I should also apologize for the phone pictures. My computer is dead and on the list of priorities getting it fixed isn't at top. It ranks after new brakes for Josh's car, new brake switch for my car, AC for Josh's car, etc. It could be a while so phone posts will have to do!
And I promise to do a pregnancy update post tomorrow.