Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reap What You Sew

First things first, look at my great new header!! Isn't it cute? My blog friend Tricia did it. She's so great! I loved the first design layout she did for me and I love this one too. She knows just what I like. Probably because everything she does I like. She does lots of other cool things besides blog designs so check her out. Her link is on the bottom, left side of the page. Not only is she super creative she's also super nice. Thanks again, Tricia!!!! Oh yeah, and don't forget to look at my cool new footer too.

Guess what??? I've started taking sewing classes! Yep. That's right. It is so much fun. Several years ago I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to learn to sew. What did she do? She told "Santa" and he brought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I was really excited to get it but I'm ashamed to say that up until a month or so ago I hadn't even really gotten it out of the box. My friend Jenny had started taking classes in the summer and it really motivated me to get out my machine and try my own hand at it. I found out that a lady in my church teaches classes at a nearby fabric, etc store. I let her know I was interested and that's how it all began. It has been great! I'm so glad I started taking them. I only have one more class for a while but we'll pick it back up again after the holidays. In the meantime I'm going to keep practicing.

First class...didn't even really know what a bobbin was. Now, I LOVE bobbins. :)

Fabric all ready to go and extra needles just in case I get wild and break one.

I had to practice stitching a square before I could do it on the real fabric.

Ta-da, my first pillow!!!!!

Liked the pillow so much thought I'd make me a tiny one and use it as a pin cushion.

More pillows. I've actually made about 5 pillows in all and have plans for many more.

Our next project was pajama pants. These were a little more tedious but still a lot of fun to make. Not sure how many I plan to whip out in the near future but I sure do love the ones I did in class.

Finished product. Yea.
Sewing is such a blast so if you're at all interested in learning I encourage you to do so. I plan on continuing in my classes for a long time. We are making purses this Thursday. I think I know what I'm getting everyone for Christmas...
One of these days I'm going to save up and buy a really nice machine with all the bells and whistles. When that happens, watch out! I'll be unstoppable!