Friday, April 29, 2011

Life As We Know It

*Photos from my IPhone* :)

Life as we know it has changed. I heard from everyone (which got really annoying, ha) how different our lives would be. That's certainly something Josh and I anticipated but you can't really prepare new parents. It's just something you have to experience for yourselves.

Life began really changing the first night we were home. My poor baby didn't sleep a wink so neither did her tired, hormonal mommy. She cried and cried and could only be soothed if she was eating or latched. Miserable. At one point Josh was online googling lactation consultants and we found a 1-800 number with 24 hour consultants. We made the call and she helped me understand a little of what was going on. About an hour later I sent him to Walmart to buy every paci available. I know, I know, nipple confusion, wait on the paci. Sorry everyone. It was about survival at that point and I needed her to have a paci. We found one kind she would sort of take. It helped some but not much. Luckily now she takes it like a champ.

After the first night I wasn't sure how I was going to do this. I felt very overwhelmed. The next few days were a blur too. She slept only about 2-4 hours at night and normally only an hour at a time. When we put her down after a feeding she would cry and fuss. Exhausting. I started thinking that maybe part of her problem is that she's starving. I decided to pump to see what she was getting and I was shocked at how little it was. She really needed to gain weight and be satisfied so I started thinking of what to do. I talked to my pediatrician and asked advice from friends and decided I should supplement until my milk picked up.

That decision was hard for me. I wanted to be able to feed my child. As her mother I felt it was my responsibility. For the sake of Sadie I had to swallow my pride. I started giving her 1 ounce of formula after I nursed. Oh my goodness. The best decision I've made as a momma so far. She became a new child. So sweet and content (except during her fussy time at night).

I was hoping we'd only have to supplement for a little while until my milk came in. Unfortunately that has been harder than I had hoped for. It's been a struggle to say the least. I've been trying really hard to get it going. I pump after she eats, I use the "hands on" approach, I take lots of Fenugreek, try to drink lots of water, had my thyroid checked to make sure that wasn't the problem, etc. I'm trying as much as I can. It's picked up a little but not much. It's been an exhausting experience. Nurse, bottle, pump. Repeat.

It's especially exhausting when you don't get much out if it. I've changed things the last couple of days. I now just pump and feed. Since my milk isn't consistent I needed to know how much she was getting to know how much to supplement. It's made a huge difference in me too. I feel so much better. What used to take an hour or more to feed from start to finish now can take 30 minutes or so. And at the end of her feeding I know what she's eaten. I'm still working on my milk picking up. I want to give it my best effort before we go to just formula. I'm not to that point yet so for now this works for us. She's happy and growing and that's all I want for her right now.

Something else you can't really be prepared for is how much stuff you have to "pack" when you go anywhere with a baby. Wow. It's a huge process that takes lots of time and organization. Basically everything we do now revolves around Sadie. What she needs, when she needs to eat, sleep, etc. It really is all about her. Planning your day takes on a whole new meaning with a newborn. Even taking a shower takes strategic thought.

Life as we know it has definitely changed but I wouldn't want it any other way. Josh and I are in love with this little girl God has blessed us with. We love our new life. We're still trying to figure things out but I'm pretty sure that will take a lifetime. For now we're just going with it. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter was a little different this year. Since Sadie is still so new there wasn't any way I was going to take her to church. I was sad not being there but at this point it is all about her. I didn't really want to sit at home all day so we headed to my parents.

Here she is in her Easter pjs that Jules got for her. They are still a little big but I think she's starting to fill her clothes out more. Her newborn clothes are actually fitting. Yea.

Here's her Easter basket. She didn't get much this year because she isn't going to know or care. She got a frog that Josh and I bought her several months ago, a carseat canopy, and a carseat toy.

When I was pregnant I found some really cute bunny ears that I knew she needed. Since she wouldn't get to wear an Easter dress this year I decided these would be her "outfit".
We tried to get some good pictures.

So sweet. I just love this little face.

Sadie loves to smile. She normally does it when she's asleep or feeding but now she's starting to do it randomly when she's awake. She's not really smiling at anything but it sure is nice to see.

We decided to put her in her basket since she's little. It was a tad awkward but it worked ok.

This one is probably my favorite.

Eventually she got tired of the photo shoot.

And then she got mad.

It was a strange day because it's not my normal but in the midst of all the newness in my life I don't ever want to forget Easter. Jesus has risen from the dead and for that we celebrate and give praise. Thank you, Lord, for the sacrifice of your only child. Something that hits home with me now more than ever.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Since I've Been Home

Friday, April 15th, 2011 I was able to come home from the hospital. My mom cried as we were being wheeled out to our car because she couldn't believe the hospital would let her leave with a baby. She had no clue what to do with me. At least she dressed me all cute before we left.

Since I've been home I've spent lots of time with my Jules and Big D.

They think I'm pretty cute.

I got to meet one of my mommy's favorite friends, Caroline and her mom, Robin. My mom adores Caroline. She says if I could grow up to be as confident, strong, beautiful as she is I will be in good shape. Caroline and her mom came to meet me but also to bring me something very special. Caroline painted this for my nursery.

Isn't it beautiful? Not only that but there was something very special on the back.

She wrote a letter/prayer to me and...

...she prayed scripture over me.

She read it all to me and my mommy cried. (side note, doesn't she look great with the pink boppy?!) Thanks again and again Caroline! We love it and we love you!

Big D came by again to see me.

I have played on my new mat. Mom likes to put me on this for tummy time but I just like to fall asleep when she does that.

I've had my first bath. I'm not really a fan of those. It's just so cold.

I much prefer when it's over and I'm all cozy in my towel.

I met my mom's friend Katie. She's come by twice. Once to meet me and another time to bring dinner. That was very nice of her.

Since I've been home I've gotten to snuggle with my daddy. He's my favorite.

He likes to hold me and rock me when I'm sleepy.

When I'm not being held I like sleeping in my bouncy.

See? I told you he can't get enough me. I think I will use this to my advantage when I get older.

My mom's friend Ashley and her little girl Addi came by to bring us a yummy dinner and to let us borrow a few things. Addi got to "hold" me.

A feast was delivered to our apartment

including dessert, thanks to...

Joy and Jill. They were so sweet to bring 3 gourmet meals and 2 desserts.

Amelia came too. She's so pretty. Thanks again Joy, Jill, and Amelia! You all are so thoughtful.

Since I've been home I've met some of my family. This is my dad's cousin Kylie and her husband Jeremy.

This is Paul and Brian. They are married to...

Jaye and Chelsia. Jaye is my dad's cousin and Chelsia is my aunt. It was so nice meeting them. I can tell I have some great family.

Since I've been home I've had my first bottle. Mommy will post more about that later. I like bottles but I still like to nurse too.

Mommy's friend Katie came by to see me. She's one of mommy's best friends. Thanks for stopping by, Katie!

I've been very busy since I've been home. Mommy will tell you all about how things are going with us soon.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hospital Visitors

Thursday Sadie put on her first bow and embroidered outfit to get ready for visitors to come see her. My mom ordered her gown from my friend Ashley. It's one of our favorites.

Hello, World!

First up was Jules. She came to help out. In fact she's helped out with something or another every day since Sadie has arrived. I don't know what we'd do without her.
Big D also came by on his long lunch break so he could hold her. He has also been able to hold her every day. I'm not sure either one of them will like it when that doesn't happen anymore.

Jenny came by to see Sadie too. She actually came the day she was born to check on us but Sadie hadn't made her debut yet.

Dianne made a couple of visits to the hospital too. I was glad she could see the fruits of all the hard work she did around our apartment. Afterall it was all for Sadie anyway.

Cheri stopped by to see my little love too.

Kathy, Kim, and Mitzi from work came by on their lunch break. It was great to see them but I don't miss work. :)

My friend Shannon drove down all the way from Fayetteville to see Sadie for a while. It was so nice having her there and ended up being a huge blessing. I'm really glad they were able to meet each other so soon. I hope she gets to see a lot more of her.

Sweet Ashley came by to see us too. She's been so great to us the past several days. I appreciate her so much. I KNOW she'll be seeing Sadie a lot.

Karen came by the hospital twice. Who can blame her?! :) Karen is a sweet friend from church so it was great seeing. The second time around she brought her sister Lawanaka and niece Jasmine.

Lawanka wanted to hold her but Jasmine didn't.

Jenny, Todd, Ben, and Luke stopped by too. Sadie's dad doesn't like me to call Luke her boyfriend because he doesn't want her to have a boyfriend (but he is...shhhhh).

This is the first of many pictures to come for these two.

We had some other church friends stop by. I feel AWFUL because the moment they stopped by it wasn't good. I had spiked a high fever and felt terrible. I think at the time they came it was at the height of misery. Because of that they had to stay behind the curtain to see Sadie for just a second. I'm so thankful they were understanding and not upset.
Later that night Mark and Aaron came by. Luckily by that point my first fever had subsided and all was calm.

Josh and I are so thankful for everyone who came by the hospital. We've had several visitors at home that I will share later.