Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Crew

I want you to meet some of Sadie's crew. Really I just want to remember her sweet night-night "friends" so I decided I'd bore you all with an introduction. Sadie has a few sleeping buddies.

This is Bunny. Sadie loves Bunny. You can't really tell in the picture but Bunny's ears are slightly damaged from all the chewing. She chews on his ears constantly.

This is Mr. Frog. He is her buddy. Many times I catch her swinging him around by the arm or leg when she is supposed to be sleeping. He provides great entertainment for her.

This is squeaky bunny. This little guy might be her favorite although it doesn't get as much attention as it used to. She thinks this bunny is so funny and this little love had helped capture smiles during picture taking. She also chews on the ears and tosses it around.

These 3 buddies are her crib buddies. They are with her for all her naps and at bedtime. She also has some type of teething ring in there at all times. I hoped it might give the others a break.

I couldn't leave out her changing table buddy. Sadie is a wild animal when I change her diapers, clothes, whatever. This little guy helps distract her.

We are very thankful for him and for Christian chicken. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happiness Is...

...dancing with Big D.

...a fun winter hat.

...crazy bed head.

...driving Big D's golf cart.

...bath time in the duck.

...lunch at Cracker Barrel.

...sitting in Granny's lap.

...more crazy bed head. on Sunday morning.

...a fun Valentine t-shirt.

Monday, January 16, 2012

9 Months

January 13, 2012

Sadie, you are nine months old! I get a little teary-eyed just typing that. How on earth did that happen? You're so close to being a year old and it scares me. You're such a sweet baby and I want you to stay like this forever. Your little personality is really starting to show (this is a good and a bad thing) and you are looking like a little girl and not like a baby. Stop that right now!
You hardly look like the same baby in these pictures but you sure are cute. I think you're the prettiest baby in the whole world.

You have had a lot going on this past month. You had your first ear infection and it was a double one. I would be thrilled if it was also your last ear infection.

You cut two teeth. They are so cute. No signs of anymore for now but I'm sure they'll be here soon.

You are eating table food now. You love cheese (cottage cheese, cubed cheese), guacamole, applesauce, carrots, mandarin oranges, cheerios, graham crackers, yogurt, green beans, rice. You will eat peas but they aren't your favorite. You love waffles, bread, and bagels. You're a carb lover and that might not be a good thing. You feed yourself really well but you are SO SLOW. I have to feed you some or you would never be finished with your meal

You weigh 20 pounds 15 ounces and are around 27" tall. Your weight is plateauing according to your pediatrician. Maybe your short little legs will have a chance to catch up. I love your short legs, tiny feet, and tiny hands.

You wear a size 3 diaper. Your clothes are all different sizes. You wear size 6-9 months and also size 12 months. You wear a size 2 shoe.

You aren't crawling yet but you are close. You get up on all fours and rock back and forth but you can't quite move your body. You are starting to pull up on things now which makes it interesting because you don't have great balance. Any time you are standing you think you should be jumping with makes standing a challenge.

You love to play on the floor with your toys. You still love water bottles, pans, spoons, etc but you also love your FP Learning Kitchen, your purse, Violet, etc. You love anything that sings to you and makes noise. You sleep with a little frog, squeaky bunny, and sometimes your blanket. You love your pink blanket. You bury your head in it and laugh when I give it to you.

You are quite the talker. You talk all the time. You say "bye-bye", "hi", "momma", and "dada". You wave and say bye-bye constantly. It's your favorite thing to do right now.

You still smile a lot! You have the biggest, open mouth smile right now and it is adorable.

You're still a great sleeper although you have had your moments lately. You've tried to change your wake-up time to 6 instead of 7. Obviously you know your momma doesn't go for that because you stay in your bed and play until it is time to get up.

On school days you normally only take one long nap and maybe a cat nap. When you aren't in school you take an hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

You're a very good baby but you are in a whiny stage right now. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that you can't crawl. You want to move around but just aren't sure how to do it.

Whiny or not you're still the sweetest baby. I love watching you smile and laugh as well as listening to you talk. You're my big girl and I love you so much I might burst. I can't believe my baby is 9 months old. I'm not ready for your to grow up but I'm excited to watch you. You are the highlight of my days.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

I've seen a lot of "Flashback Friday" pictures on Twitter and Facebook but I decided I would do them on my blog from time to time.

Since today my sweet baby is 9 months old here is a picture of her 9 months ago.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Phone Sweetness

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Now What?!?

It's here!!

Now what?!

My Silhouette Cameo came in today and I haven't a clue what to do with it. I know I need to read the book, download the software, etc but after that I'm a little lost. I have a few projects in mind but nothing very advanced. I know this machine can do lots of great things. I have a problem though. I like to know everything right away and I hate having to figure things out. Oh well. I will do my best to be patient and it.

Do any of you have this? Or something similar? What are some fun project ideas?

I know I want to make some vinyl decals. I also know I want to make things for Sadie's first birthday party. It's beyond these two projects that I don't really know what to do. I'd love any help or suggestions you all can give me.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Pal

If you read this post you already know losing weight wasn't a resolution of mine for 2012. It isn't. It just so happens that it is a new year and I'm ready to get this weight off. I really thought after I had Sadie I would bounce back in couple of months and be myself again. I've thought about this a lot lately and some friends on Twitter were talking about it tonight as well. I know that some women have an easy time after having a baby and I just didn't. I can't say exactly what was wrong but I just wasn't myself. Things just didn't feel right. After the first couple of weeks the extreme emotions slowed down but I just couldn't get it together. Hormones are crazy and I was NOT prepared for how off I would feel.

I will be honest I still don't really feel like myself but I finally feel like I'm getting there. I think this has a lot to do with why I'm ready to change a few things, including my body.

This past week I've started trying to keep track of eating and exercising. I'm using the My Fitness Pal app and it is great. You can log in online or on your phone. I tried using this in May but I failed. I think this time things will be much better. A lot of it has to do with my friends. This app allows you to connect with friends so you can encourage each other and have accountability. When you know other people will know if you meet your goal, lose weight, log your food, etc it sure makes it easier to say no to dessert or going back for seconds. Lots of girls were talking about it on Twitter so I decided it was time for me to join the fun.

So far so good. My new pal and I are getting along just fine. I've set a few goals and I feel good about them.

Only time will tell...