Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Behind!

I'm so behind on blogging! I wish I had the energy for a picture post right now but I don't. I think part of the problem is that I look at a computer ALL day long, especially today, so when I come home I want nothing to do with them.

Perhaps this weekend I will fill you in on the wedding shower I helped hostess last weekend and a a few other random things.

For now though I think I'm going to go take a nap. Just a short one. And then wake up in time for a dinner of grilled turkey smoked sausage and a sweet potato. I think I'll have this for dessert. YUM-O!!! And I'll for sure be awake in enough time to catch The Biggest Loser. Speaking of that...pray for me, I'm starting Jillian's 30 Day Shred tomorrow. Yikes!! I'm counting on it working!

By the way...I think I get my braces off SOON!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be back soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

Today I met 3 of my favorite friends for lunch at Jason's Deli. We had a great time! When I moved to Little Rock from Fayetteville I was really sad to leave my friends up there (I still am sad) but it has helped so much just knowing that I have wonderful friends here. God is good!!! Thanks, ladies, for a fun time of food and catching up. Can't wait until next month! We missed you Katie, and Laura!!!

Sarah, Suzanne, and Jenny

Monday, April 13, 2009

What a Weekend!

What a FABULOUS weekend!!! It started off with Josh and I heading out of town to see our friends Justin and Holly. They are getting married in June and Josh is performing the ceremony. We hadn't seen them in a while so it was great to get to hang out. J & H cooked dinner for J & H. :) It was yummy. Then of course there was a little Guitar Hero.

Josh was the first one asking to break out the guitar. He loves it!

Holly loves to rock!

Our friend Shannon and her fiance Chris dropped by. So fun!

Here are the girls, Holly, Shannon, Me.

Josh and I crashed at Justin's house, thanks again Justin, and the next morning we went to breakfast with H and J. We went to Stoby's and it as yummy!! We had fun visiting our friends and CAN'T WAIT until their wedding!

After that we hit the road again and headed to NWA to see some more of our friends. Our first stop was the Stamps. Dawson met us at the door. He was so pitiful the whole time we were there. I think he missed the attention.

I still love you Dawson!

I must say, I was SOOOO excited to get to hold Harper for the first time. When I saw her a few months ago there was no touching aloud. And now, praise the LORD, I was able to hold that sweet thing in my arms! She's precious! I love her lots already!

Here's the woman of the hour. She was so good while we were there. Only one minor outburst. She has the cutest smile! Love it!

I took this picture from Kelly because I didn't have my camera out at this particular moment

"Please...no more pictures!"
Thanks Scott, Kelly, and Harper for letting us drop by! We can't wait to see you again soon!

After that we headed down the street to the Ormon's. I couldn't go to NWA and see little Harper without seeing my other two favorite girls.

Here's Josh and Sarah Kate. Josh LOVES him some SK! Who wouldn't!?! Doesn't she look cute in her bonnet?! Check out the cupcake! Laurie put her in that outfit just for me. Thanks, Laurie!

Here's Emily. She became our entertainment for the afternoon. Emily loves to dance and she put on a show for us. Oh my word!! Laurie and I were laughing so hard at her we were crying.

She has wonderful Egyptian moves. Her eyes and facial expressions are priceless when she's busting a move.

Here's "Han-tana and her boy". At least that's what Emily told me! Ha! It was hilarious!! Josh stepped in and let "Han-tana" (short for Hannah Montana) show some more sophisticated moves.

Steve, Laurie, Emily, and Sarah Kate, thanks for all the laughs! We has a BLAST!

That ended our trip in NWA. Next we headed down to the River Valley to have a cookout with my family. Can you believe that I didn't take pictures? I know...shameful. We had a great time though! My uncle smoked a bunch of meat and we sat around and ate and chatted. It was perfect. Josh and I decided we wouldn't drive back to Little Rock on Saturday night but instead stay at my sisters so the Easter Bunny could find us. :) Yes, we still get Easter baskets. Here they are:

Thanks again, Easter Bunny! We love our goodies!
After a visit from the EB Josh and I headed back to Little Rock in time for church. Whew!! What a wonderful, exhausting weekend! We loved every second of it. We're so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family and were fortunate to be able to spend time with some of them this weekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's No Joke...

Today is Laurie's birthday!! Happy Birthday, Friend! Hope you're 30th birthday is all that you hoped it would be. :)