Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekend Randomness

As I scrolled through my phone I found a few pictures I want to keep on my blog. They are completely random so I am throwing them into one post. 

This is how I found Sophie a few days ago. She was completely under her sheet having a party. Since that morning I have caught her trying to recreate the experience. She is seriously a hot mess. Good thing she is cute! 

Daylight Savings Time has been exhausting this week. Gone are the days of "an extra hour of sleep". It was more like, "all ready for bed then realize it's only 5 o'clock". 
Now that Sophie is getting older Sadie really likes having her around...most of the time. This past week Sadie has been all about getting hugs from her little sister. Sophie is my hugger so she gladly passed a few out.
One of Sadie's favorite parts of her day is when her daddy reads a Bible story and they both pray. It really is a special time between the two of them. I love it too! I love it for obvious reasons but also because toddler prayers are hilarious. 
Sadie's favorite song on KLOVE is Overcomer by Mandisa. She calls it "her song" and loves to sing it. She doesn't have the exact words down to every verse but she sings what she thinks it says. It's quite entertaining. 
Sadie loves, loves, LOVES going to Hobby Lobby with me. I love taking her but I only do so when I know we have time. This girl would spend hours in there looking at everything. With all the Christmas decorations out she acts as if it's a magical land. I love seeing her excitement when she finds something wonderful.

Both girls love looking out the glass door and waving at cars. Sadie often says she is going to go look for Jules and Big Dog. It's usually a sweet little time between sisters until one of them tries to close the other one in the door or pushes the other out of the way. At that point it's not so sweet and I have to put an end to the fun. 

I know those were totally random so you're welcome! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween

Last week was a time of dressing up! I know some people have issues with Halloween and that's fine. Around here we just like to dress up and eat candy with friends. 
The first dress up day was for dance! This year I debated but in the end decided not to do special costumes. Sadie has so many princess dresses I just let her pick which one to wear. For dance she picked Cinderella. 
She was very excited to dress up for dance. She would wear princess dresses all day, every day, if I'd let her. 

The next dress up occasion was for the fall festival at school. She decided to go as Rapunzel. 

From Tuesday to Friday some sickness showed up at our house so I wasn't sure she would get to dress up again. It was a game time decision but I decided to let her. She chose a Snow White dress for Halloween. I decided to put Sophie in Sadie's old clown costume. That costume will always be my favorite! 

We started the fun by Trick or Treating at Jules' house. Big Dog was still at work so he missed it. 
After that we left and headed for Trunk or Treat at church. It was so cold that we didn't stay long. 
Sadie was so excited about all the candy she received. Sadly though most of it has some kind of connection with peanuts so this is all she was able to eat.

She wasn't upset though at all! My mom filled her bag with all kinds of safe things for her. She didn't even miss a thing. 

Thankful for a fun week! Sadie is already talking about next year.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Music to My Ears

On Wednesday nights we normally eat at church. It's not the most enjoyable experience (although the food is always fantastic) because I have two girls who would rather run wild than sit at the table and eat. We've learned to eat fast. Josh normally hurts through his food then takes then takes the girls. Last night while I was cleaning up the mess left behind by our lovely ladies I was told I needed to come see my children. They were starting a band. These pictures aren't great and several are blurry but I want to remember how cute and funny they were so I'm posting them anyway. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Big School

It's hard to believe Sadie is old enough to start big school soon (PreK-4 next fall). Last night we went to a school preview for her. I will be honest, it's been hard for me to let go. I think I'd keep her out of school forever if I had the chance. I just get nauseous when I think about her growing up. The problem with that is Sadie loves "school". I have no doubt she will have the best time. After last night I became even more excited for her. She really has such s great opportunity to learn and thrive and I can't wait for her to experience that. Here are a couple pictures before we left and some while she was in her "element". 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Allergy Alert

 Friday we took Sadie in for her allergy skin test. I have been SO anxious about the appointment. After a total meltdown at the dentist last week I had no idea what to expect. She gets super anxious in new situations like this.
She started whining the second we got out of the car. It was special. 
 Once I pulled out a new coloring book and crayon she settled down. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Wrong. She flipped out. She didn't even want to get on the scales to be weighed. We finally made it through that easy part and found ourselves in a room. The doctor came in, asked a few questions,  explained what would happen and then left. I feel the need to add that neither the doctor or the nurse ever once spoke a word to Sadie. I was shocked and disappointment. I won't go into all that but it definitely added to the whole experience.
Anyway, the nurse came back and it was time to get going. Josh and I held a screaming child down while the nurse quickly did what she needed to do. The hardest part was keeping Sadie still afterwards.
 I pretty much just fed her starbursts and threatened that they'd have to do it all over again if she wasn't still. You do what you have to do. :) 
She actually did fairly well and before we knew it her time was up.
 The doctor returned and read the results. Sadie had the biggest reaction to peanuts and oak trees. She is also allergic to other trees, mold, pollen, and eggs with a slight reaction to grass. None of this surprised me at all. I knew she was allergic to several things. It feels great knowing what she is up against.
After we left the allergist we went to the Target Dollar Spot to celebrate. We all survived. Regardless of how much screaming there was this sweet girl deserved a happy. We all did. We go back for a follow up in 3 months. At some point Sadie might take allergy shots but for no we'll just keep on keeping on. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Fall Festival Fun

On Saturday we decided to try a fall festival at a plant nursery near our house. They advertised free food and fun for kids. You can't beat that!
Our first stop was for hotdogs, chips, and lemonade. 
 The food was definitely hit. Sophie couldn't get enough. There is just something special about a hotdog on the grill.
 It didn't take long to notice the big slide. I wasn't sure Sadie would actually do it because it was so tall but she was fearless. I think this girl is going to be one who loves thrill rides. It kind of surprises me, based on her personality, but she loves to ride just about anything.
 She slid down it at least 100 times. Ok, maybe not that many but if felt like a hundred.
 We were able to talk her in to trying the bouncy house. She loves these too but she stayed closed to the side the entire time. I was ok with that because there are some rough kids in these things. Here she is giving daddy a kiss.
 And here she is flashing mommy a smile. I just love her.
Well look here! If is isn't Queen Elsa painting faces and a sweet Sophie photo-bomb. Poor Soph, she sat in her stroller the entire time. There wasn't much for her to do except run around and be crazy. Too many people were there for her to run free.
 My little hog fan picked a razorback for her face. Cuteness.
 Our next stop was at the play area. Sadie had to try out the swings.
 This girl loves to swing and slide. I hope we can figure out a way to get something similar in our yard. It is sloped which makes it a bit challenging.
 If we are able to find something I don't know if I will ever get her off it.
 Sophie-girl did have fun too. She was fine just to take it all in.
 Of course, we couldn't leave without visiting the big slide one more again. We told her she could slide three more times.
 Here she is actually climbing up to slide. Like I said, fearless. I'm not sure I would have done it.
Her last two slides she decided to be a rebel and go down on her tummy. Such a rule-breaker.
We had a lot of fun at the Fall Festival. Thank you, Good Earth. We will definitely be back next year.