Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween

Last week was a time of dressing up! I know some people have issues with Halloween and that's fine. Around here we just like to dress up and eat candy with friends. 
The first dress up day was for dance! This year I debated but in the end decided not to do special costumes. Sadie has so many princess dresses I just let her pick which one to wear. For dance she picked Cinderella. 
She was very excited to dress up for dance. She would wear princess dresses all day, every day, if I'd let her. 

The next dress up occasion was for the fall festival at school. She decided to go as Rapunzel. 

From Tuesday to Friday some sickness showed up at our house so I wasn't sure she would get to dress up again. It was a game time decision but I decided to let her. She chose a Snow White dress for Halloween. I decided to put Sophie in Sadie's old clown costume. That costume will always be my favorite! 

We started the fun by Trick or Treating at Jules' house. Big Dog was still at work so he missed it. 
After that we left and headed for Trunk or Treat at church. It was so cold that we didn't stay long. 
Sadie was so excited about all the candy she received. Sadly though most of it has some kind of connection with peanuts so this is all she was able to eat.

She wasn't upset though at all! My mom filled her bag with all kinds of safe things for her. She didn't even miss a thing. 

Thankful for a fun week! Sadie is already talking about next year.


Unknown said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of your cute girls! I LOVE the clown costume. I'm thinking of Wesley dressing up like a clown next year to match her Nana who dresses as a clown every year.

Laura Darling said...

The girls look great! That clown costume is precious!