Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Allergy Alert

 Friday we took Sadie in for her allergy skin test. I have been SO anxious about the appointment. After a total meltdown at the dentist last week I had no idea what to expect. She gets super anxious in new situations like this.
She started whining the second we got out of the car. It was special. 
 Once I pulled out a new coloring book and crayon she settled down. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Wrong. She flipped out. She didn't even want to get on the scales to be weighed. We finally made it through that easy part and found ourselves in a room. The doctor came in, asked a few questions,  explained what would happen and then left. I feel the need to add that neither the doctor or the nurse ever once spoke a word to Sadie. I was shocked and disappointment. I won't go into all that but it definitely added to the whole experience.
Anyway, the nurse came back and it was time to get going. Josh and I held a screaming child down while the nurse quickly did what she needed to do. The hardest part was keeping Sadie still afterwards.
 I pretty much just fed her starbursts and threatened that they'd have to do it all over again if she wasn't still. You do what you have to do. :) 
She actually did fairly well and before we knew it her time was up.
 The doctor returned and read the results. Sadie had the biggest reaction to peanuts and oak trees. She is also allergic to other trees, mold, pollen, and eggs with a slight reaction to grass. None of this surprised me at all. I knew she was allergic to several things. It feels great knowing what she is up against.
After we left the allergist we went to the Target Dollar Spot to celebrate. We all survived. Regardless of how much screaming there was this sweet girl deserved a happy. We all did. We go back for a follow up in 3 months. At some point Sadie might take allergy shots but for no we'll just keep on keeping on. 


The Rohman Family said...

This was especially interesting to me. I'm an allergist. Nice to hear a parent's perspective :)