Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Meets Little

When Josh and I first started talking about a second baby my biggest hesitation was Sadie. It was hard to imagine that I could love another baby as much as I love her. I also felt guilty for changing her little comfortable world. I knew and still know she needs a sibling. Desperately. :) That fact doesn't make it any easier on a momma's heart.

Leading up to delivery Sadie was my biggest concern. How would she take it? How would it affect her? Would she love her sister? Would she know that mommy and daddy still love her bunches? The night before we went in for the induction I rocked her and cried like a baby. I wanted more than anything for her to be ok and to adjust well.

After Sophie arrived I couldn't wait for Sadie to meet her. I admit I was so nervous. I wasn't sure how she'd handle the hospital setting, what she'd think of her sister, and if she'd be upset when she had to leave.

My parents brought Sadie to see us the day after Sophie was born.
Immediately she ran up to me and let me hold her. When I directed her towards Sophie her little face lit up and I knew she loved her.

She loved her sister and loved opening her goodie bag.

Sadie's visit to the hospital was better than I could have imagined! She handled everything so well and I was so proud. I missed my big girl while I was gone.

Since we've been home it's been a little crazy though. My sweet Sadie Lady has had a tough time adjusting. I've heard it's normal and she'll eventually settle but it has been hard to watch. Her little world has been rocked and I did this to her. I know it's a good thing, or a great thing, but I hate to see her like this. She has good days and bad days but I constantly tell her how much I love her and do my best to put her needs first. It's a challenge but I know it's just a season. Soon she will settle into our new normal and she will love it!

Josh and I are so thankful for both our baby girls. We are blessed and we don't deserve them.


Unknown said...

Thank you for opening up about this. I have been so worried about Emmalee these past few weeks and I am constantly wondering "does she still realize how special is to mommy & daddy?" I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one worried about their 1st child, while still trying to prepare for the second.

Linds said...

sweet pictures! Brayden acted out A LOT when Connor was born (they are 19 months apart). I was SO SO stressed about it, and although the start was rocky, I now LOVE LOVE LOVE their age gap. They are the BEST of friends and are practically inseparable. Hang in there... I promise it gets SO MUCH better!

Marlene said...

Where, oh where did you get that adorable hospital blanket with her name on it? So precious!

Unknown said...

It took my sweet big boy about 2 weeks to adjust. And it was heartbreaking to me, but I kept reminding myself that I had a little brother and lived to tell about it! :)

Beautiful girls, Hillary!

Amy said...

first of all... LOVE the pictures!!
second - it will happen. as i'm sure you know, it just takes time. libbi had a time when laney was born. it wasn't so much misbehaving as it was just that she was not herself. it was like she knew the dynamics of our family had changed, but she wasn't quite sure how to process it. i felt incredibly guilty about it and was torn about spending time with both girls. honestly, during the day time - i focused on libbi a lot. laney was so little that she didn't really "need" me in the same way as libbi. nursing and naptime were the hardest. but at night, when libbi was in bed - i felt like laney and i had "our time" when she was up all hours of the night nursing. ;)
and now, libbi has absolutely no memories that don't include her sister. it's like she's shocked when we remind her that there was a time she was an "only child." just keep reminding yourself that you've given sadie (And sophie!) the best gift imaginable... a sister. a friend for life. and just like it's an adjustment for us us (Lord knows i have good days and bad) it is for them, too. but there will come a day when they're fighting like cats and dogs and you'll laugh remembering how you worried in the early days. ;-)
hang in there momma and give those precious girls a squeeze for me! xoxo

Natasha said...

When I was pregnant with Rachel (my second) and feeling guilty about what was going to happen to Sam (my first) when she was born, my mother-in-law told me, "He won't remember being an only child when he gets older" and it made me cry and cry. However, I see the way he and Rachel love and adore each other now and it is totally worth it. It took Sam a couple of weeks to adjust and then he was okay. (And my kids are almost the exact same age difference as your two.)

Amy said...

I love the blanket that Sophie has with her name on it! Do you mind telling me where you got it! Too cute!

Unknown said...

If Sadie's little face was an indication, she was quite taken by her! Did she get big girl undies in her goody bag or receiving blankets for her baby?

Sarah said...

So precious!! It seems like just last week Sadie was born and now you have another. So happy for you!