Monday, September 16, 2013

Dancing Queen

A couple of weeks ago Sadie went to a birthday party for her friend Willow. It was at The Little Gym here in Little Rock. She had the best time and I had so much fun watching her. I was amazed at how well she followed the teacher's instructions and listened. It was at that moment I realized she might be able to handle gymnastics or dance. It wasn't a difficult decision to decide which would be best for Sadie. She loves to dance and pretty much always has. I will admit, the girl has got some moves. I decided to ask around and check a few places out. We decided on one we felt would be a good fit for all of us.
Our first item on the to-do list was to buy shoes and leotards.

Sadie loved trying on shoes. It was so cute watching her walk around in tiny tap shoes. She became such a big girl in a matter of seconds.

Her first dance class was so much fun. She went right in to class and didn't bat an eye. She stood around and watched at first but the she quickly loosened up. It was nice getting to watch her dance on the monitor out front.

I'm so thankful Sadie is able to do this. She has so much fun and it's good physical activity. I also think its great for her to listen to someone and learn to follow directions. She is a tad privileged at church and school so she needs another place of instruction.