Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Already?

Is it Wednesday already? I can hardly believe it! We had a great long weekend (except that I got a sinus infection). Josh and I ran a few errands on Saturday. He went with me to fabric stores (3 in fact) and I went with him to Mardel's. A pretty fair trade off. Here's the fabric I bought after it was all washed.

One thing I hate about washing fabric is how the edges fray up and there are threads everywhere. I've learned it doesn't matter how expensive the fabric is it always does that. Oh well, pre-washed fabric makes for a better end result so it's worth it. While I did laundry Josh and Chloe studied. Chloe was a big help as you can see. Josh and I had the pleasure of staying with her this weekend again. She's such a crazy dog but I love her.

I'd love to tell you that Josh and I had a really exciting rest of the weekend. Since I didn't feel well I took naps, sewed, and that's about it. Josh took naps and studied. He and I are both really ready for a vacation! We did indulge in a treat Monday night. We stopped and got dinner at a new place in Little Rock.
I have been so excited about having a Five Guys in Little Rock now. I had heard great things about it. It was delicious. As good as the burger was I think the fries are my favorite. So yummy. I look forward to eating them again and again. :)
I guess that's all the excitement I can come up with now. I'm on my way to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions and then it's home to nap and sew.


Lauren said...

I can’t believe ya’ll just now got the goodness that is Five Guys!!! LR was depriving you, haha!!! :)

Jill said...

Love all of the fabrics...can't wait to see what you create with them. :)

Five Guys is so yummy. The burger is my fave...taste like the burgers my Mama made us growing up. SO GOOD!

I hope your sinus infection is better. Alex practically lives with one at all times. He gets steroid shots for his...they are just miserable. Feel better soon!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

We're getting a Five Guys here and I've heard nothing but good things. Can't wait to try it myself!

kemattison said...

can you please email me, I would love for you to make a dress for my daughter!



Heather said...

I love all of those fabrics! I would seriously love to order something from you if you are making items for people. If your doing it strictly for friends you know in real life, I totally understand! If your doing it for anybody, let me know on FB, love your work!! You are doing a great job!

Betsy said...

All those fabrics look so pretty and I already know how great the end result looks! Hope you are feeling better!

Isn't Five Guys delicious?? We love it!

Cherit said...

I love the dresses you are making! And Five Guys is pretty yummy too!

Rebekah said...

I love 5 Guys. I don't think it is up here, but we had it in Waco and YUM-O!!! OK, when you get back from vacay, I want to talk to you about making a couple of "razorback" outfits for miss priss!!! We need some razorback red in her closet. It has been mostly green up to this point!