Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Already???

Yes, it is true, it is Monday already. My how the weekends fly!!! I had a great time this weekend though. Friday night was really low key. I cooked dinner and we watched TV. Glory!

Saturday was a pretty lazy day as well. I slept in a little, got up, ate breakfast, took a nap, took a shower, watched TV, took another nap, got dressed, met up with Josh in the evening. You see, Josh had school work to do all day and I had the house to myself. What better way to enjoy the peace and quiet than with a nap...or two?!?!

Saturday night Josh and I had a great time! We went to the home of a WONDERFUL family in our church. Not only do they belong to our church but they have 5 children in our youth group AND they teach 11th and 12th grade Sunday school. I'm a HUGE fan of theirs and I know you all would be too if you knew them.

When we arrived we spent time hanging out. The kids entertained us while dinner was being prepared.

Kassi, Keaton and Skylar

Kevin and Lisa

Kevin is a great pizza dough tosser!

It was delicious!!!!

We had hot fudge sundaes for dessert!

We ended the night with a game...Buzz Word.

Have you ever played it? It is a lot of fun. I'm not very good at it though. It requires you to think fast. Regardless though it was a great ending to a wonderful night.

Sunday was a great day as well!! We went to church, met my parents for lunch here and took a great nap! Then, of course, we headed back to church and home to relax a little before bedtime. A great weekend indeed!


Kelly said...

That couple looks fun and WAY too young to have so many kids and teenagers. YIKES!
Your weekend sounds dreamy. A nap would be divine about now! ha!
I miss you!

ashleydiggs said...

2 naps in 1 week! I'm jealous!

Lauren said...

Awwww, sounds like the PERFECT weekend :o)

Jenna said...

That is some good times right there!! Loved see all the pictures, and I enjoy your love for naps. My kinda girl!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I am really impressed with his pizza dough tossing...WOW! And that hot fudge sundae...YUMMY!

Heather said...

That food looks great! I miss being around teenagers so much!! I am with ya on the naps girl, I love sneeking one in here and there! Looks like a great time y'all had!

P. Dial said...

Love the pics of the Davis' new house! I'm glad you had fun! They are such a GREAT family!