Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Weekend Plans

Not much going on here these days. Josh made it home safely last night. PTL! I was so glad to see him. I'm still glad. I keep following him around because I missed him so much. OK, I haven't really been following him around but I wouldn't have been opposed to it. He slept in this morning for a while and I cleaned out my parents dining room which was full of our wedding gifts. I know, I should have done that a long time ago but I really thought we would have found a place of our own by now. It's looking like when we do get a place in the near future we're going to get something SMALL and TEMPORARY so I decided to put my things in parent's attic. It's easy to get to because is off the upstairs room so I can still enjoy my wonderful gifts any time I want.

After getting that cleaned up we went to pick up his dry cleaning, make a Starbucks run (he has a gift card so we didn't have to splurge) and then go to Sonic. I've been wanting to try their $1 menu. It was pretty good. Not as great as Wendy's...can't beat it...or even McDonald's, but it was good.

Now I think it is nap time. We have a chili supper at church tonight and then a youth bonfire and hayride so I think I'm going to need my energy. I LOVE hayrides and bonfires but it is supposed to be COLD here. BURRRRR!!! Not sure how much I'll enjoy the cold. I'll just stay by the fire the whole time.

OK...well there you have it. Our exciting weekend has been summed up. The only that would make it better is if I would get a call saying Harper is on her way! I keep waking thinking it might be the day. No news yet but I know she is coming soon!

Enjoy your weekend!


Kelly said...

You just might get that call soon!
I wish we could get to our attic as easily as at your parents - I hate going up there. UGH!
I LOVE bonfires - hope you had a great time and snuggled with Josh!!! :-)

Jennifer said...

Have fun at the bonfire!

So why a temporary home?? Does it look like josh will be moved to another church??

Megan L Hutchings said...

I hope you had fun at the bonfire :)!

Sweet Kelly has the blogging world waiting on pins and needles :)!!!