Monday, November 8, 2010

Dancing Queen

This past weekend I headed up to Northwest Arkansas to see my friend Kelly, the Dancing Queen. Friday night when I got into town I met Kelly and Laurie at one of our favorite places, Chili's.

Laurie took a picture of the two preggo girls. If you didn't already know I just love being pregnant with friends.

We had a great time at dinner. We stayed there a while laughing and talking. When I'm around these girls it reminds me how much I miss them. After dinner Kelly went home to get rested up for her big dance competition and Laurie and I headed back to her house. Laurie is always so gracious to ask me to stay with her when I visit. When I made my way up to my "room" I saw something on the bed. Sweet Laurie had gathered some of Sarah Kate and Emily's things for Sadie.

This picture doesn't do the clothes justice but there are several cute things in the pile. I am beyond thankful for this!! And I love that Sadie will get to wear clothes from Sarah Kate and Emily...her soon-to-be friends.

Saturday morning we got up and ready then headed to their church for Mugs and Muffins.

Look how cute Kelly is!!

This is blurry but this is the group at our table. Kelly, Me, and Tracy in the back and Kim, Laurie, and Shannon in the front

We had a great time. The speaker was wonderful. She recently lost her daughter in a car accident and she had a lot of great things to say.
As soon as the program was over I headed to Fayetteville for Zach's birthday party.
It was so great to see Rebekah and Cilla.

It was also great seeing Jennifer and her sweet fam too!

It was so cute to watch Zack open up his gifts. Katie is such a good mom and helped him out a little. I can't believe Z is almost 3. I remember holding him in the hospital when he was only a few hours old. It's so hard to imagine he is THREE! He sure is a cute 3 year old though.

Colson was such a love. All the excitement just got to him!

And one of my best friend's Katie. I hope I can be half the mom to Sadie that she is to Zach, Reese, and Colson. She's amazing.
After the great party I met up with my friend Shannon for lunch and shopping. I can't BELIEVE we didn't get a picture just the two of us. I'm just sick about that. I chose Noodles for lunch and it was so good.

I was too embarrassed to turn on my flash so the pictures are dark.

Artichoke spinach pasta....oh my. I've missed you.

After lunch and a little shopping I headed back to Bentonville to hang with Laurie and fam for a while. I just LOVE Emily and Sarah Kate and they are so much fun to be around. Getting a good picture of the two of them was NOT easy.
Cute girls. They are growing up so fast. Emily is about to be 5! I also held her a few hours after she was born and it seems like it was just yesterday.
Steve eventually took his girls on a little date and Laurie and I got ready for Kelly's recital.

Laurie is such a good friend. I loved getting to spend so much time with her this weekend. She's hilarious and we always laugh a lot. We were both so excited and nervous about Kelly's dancing debut.
Here's our table at the event. It was all really nice and the food was good. Even better than the food was the company.

Check out those great poofs! I had to take a photo.

Me with two of my favorite friends! I miss them a lot!
Kelly's fan club. We all had a great time!!! Kelly didn't win but she made us proud and we had a blast watching her dance. I was sad when it was all over and we had to leave.
We headed back to Laurie's house and I packed up and went to bed. I had to leave early Sunday morning to get back for church. Laurie was sweet enough to fix me some coke to take with me.
If you can't tell I had the best weekend. Every time I go back and see all my friends it makes me really sad to leave. I can't wait to get back and see them all again.


His Doorkeeper said...

And all those girls love you so much and are so blessed by you!

Laurie said...

I agree with Judy's comment. You know I LOVE being with you! I am so sad reading this cause now it is all over.
I loved the Coke picture! haha!

Tricia Nae said...

Ohh..It looks like such a fun weekend!! So happy you got to visit with so many of your sweet friends...looks like you are incredibly blessed!!

Lauren said...

Awwww, what a fun weekend!!! Hopefully there will be another fun reunion SOON for all you girls!!!! :)

Katie said...

I love that Colson is wearing his "back up" Halloween bib! Figures. Ha! He looks so big!

LOVED seeing you and miss you. Hope to see you over Thanksgiving. ; )

Can't wait until Sadie gets to play with all these kids.