Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tulsa by way of NWA

What a great weekend Josh and I have had so far!!!! We both left work early on Friday and headed to NWA. Our first stop was at my friend Ashley's house. I was dropping off some puzzles that my family had worked over Christmas. Ashely and I used to live together and we loved to work puzzles so I thought she might be wishing she had some to work. My second stop was to see my friend Shannon. I had her a housewarming gift that I had been meaning to get to her for a while. Josh and I stopped by her work and dropped it off. After that we were on our way to Laurie and Steve's house. When we got there we gave Emily a thank you gift for letting us stay at her house. It was some dress up clothes.

Here she is modeling them. We had a lot of fun playing with Emily. She's hilarious!!!! I love her personality. She definitely put on a show for us.
Sarah Kate was just as adorable. I love her smile. I like to call her "little Laurie." She's such a sweet girl.
THANKS again Steve, Laurie, Emily, and Sarah Kate. We had a great time and can't wait to do it again soon!
This morning Josh and I got up early so we could head to Tulsa to see the Stamps and family before it got crazy. We started off the morning right with some coffee and breakfast at Panera and then headed to OK. I wasn't really sure what to expect since Kelly and Scott normally get TONS of visitors at the hospital on the weekends. I really didn't figure we'd get to spend a lot of time with them at all. The LORD really blessed us though and we were able to spend some good quality time with our friends. They are just such wonderful people and it was great to see them. I had the best time and I'm so glad we went! An added bonus of the trip is that we got to meet two other bloggers. Julie and Kate met us at the hospital and we all went to lunch.

Josh, Me, Kelly

Julie, Kate, Scott

Napkins that Kate brought us to use at dinner. Hilarious! Apparently its something she does with her friends. They bring random napkins to their get-togethers. Anyway, we had a great time at lunch. I really enjoyed getting to know those two girls better. They are great! Go check them out! Thanks again, Kate, for lunch. You're too nice!!

Now is almost 10 o'clock. Josh and I got home a few minutes ago and we're exhausted. I had such a great weekend visiting my friends that I'm sure I'm going to sleep the whole night with a smile on my face.


Laurie said...

Well, I loved this post, of course. I am soooooo chawed that SK had sweet potatoes up her nose. GROSS!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW I wish I had been with ya'll today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

It was so wonderful getting to meet you. Thank you for letting me spend some time with you and Kelly. I loved chatting.
May God bless you and Josh as you work together in ministry!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Hillary. looks like you had a GREAT weekend filled with lots of friends and fun! Glad you got to visit with Kelly and Scott :)

Katie said...

Hil, looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I'm so glad. Sorry we missed out!

cjrussell said...

Hey it looks like you had a fun day yesterday. I am really glad. I think you would like New in Town. It is a chick flick so I am not sure if Josh would like it but I don't remember it having any bad language or inappropriate scenes. Have fun at the Super Bowl church event this evening.

Kelly said...

Thanks for coming to see us!!! We love ya'll!!!
Glad that Josh and Steve are BFF now!

kate said...

thanks for the props! you and Josh are just loves...God truly blessed Kelly with the best of friends! I know our pathes will meet again...and of course blog world we are truly connected!

keep the "turq" purse are soooooo in style for the year!

Happy Week! kate

kate said...

I'm adding you to my blog talking about my napkins just put me over the top! I hope you bring napkins to your next gathering! :)