Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Sunday

Today began our week of Thanksgiving fun. We had church this morning with our little turkey. She wore her turkey dress (which she will also be wearing on Thursday because I want to get wear out of it).

Tonight we had our first of several Thanksgiving celebrations. This particular celebration was at church. We took Sadie to her first church dinner. She did great. I left my camera at home *tear* and the ones I got on my phone didn't turn out very well. Let's just say she enjoyed being passed around. She was sure to flash her smile to everyone who would look at her.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to say how thankful I am for our church family. Since Sadie was born I've had much more of a back seat role and I've missed being at so many things and seeing so many people. Don't get me wrong, my new role as mom is the best and I wouldn't change it for anything. Our church is so loving and encouraging. They love us and the really love Sadie. Josh and I couldn't be happier with where God has us right now. He has been so good to us.

God is good. That's all there is to it. More than a great church I'm thankful for my salvation. I feel like this relationship has also changed since I've had Sadie. I've been lazy and unfocused and it has really crushed me. I'm thankful God is faithful to me even though I'm unfaithful to Him so many times. I don't deserve it. I want more and I'm glad there is so much more for me.


Jill said...

She really is a happy baby....has so much personality already! :)

Having a wonderful church family is priceless.

Love you, friend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lindsay said...

So adorable! You did an amazing job on her dress!