Saturday, November 19, 2011

Picture Perfect

A few weeks ago while we were in Fayetteville for a wedding Sadie had her picture taken at the University of Arkansas. My sister's friend Amy is a photographer and took the pictures. She did a great job! She was VERY easy to work with and Sadie loved her (or maybe it was the squeaky toy Sadie loved but still).

You can see the entire session here.
There isn't much sweeter than seeing my pretty girl in a smocked Razorback dress. It's picture perfect.

Go Hogs!


pamk said...

Awww, these pictures are so cute! My favorites are #14--the look on Sadie's face cracks me up! Then in #43, it looks like she's thinking, "Oh dear, my cousins are crying! Should I be crying, too?" What a treasure the pictures will be as the years go by. Sadie's smile is so infectious, it makes me smile when I see her adorable smile!

Jayne said...

So sweet!!