Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Schedule

Since Sadie was born I've worked VERY hard to get her on a schedule. My goal was to get her to eat every three hours. She started out having 7-8 bottles a day then at 5-6 weeks she had 6 bottles a day and at 13 weeks she went to 5 bottles a day. Recently I've wanted to change her schedule a bit and drop one of her feedings. I was really nervous to do this because it would mean she would now be eating every 4 hours instead of every 3. I went ahead and gave it a try 2 weeks ago and she has done GREAT! Her first bottle and last bottle are still the same time as they have been so that has been a big help. I also give her 3 meals of solid food every day to help as well. I have had to be very careful with this because my chubby baby does not eat much.:) If I give her too much solid food she won't take her bottles. She still only takes the minimum amount of formula every day so I want to make sure she gets it all.

With this new schedule I also had to re-work nap time. She used to take a morning nap, cat nap around 12 and an afternoon nap until her 4 o'clock bottle. Since she was no longer having a bottle at 4 I wasn't sure how it was going to work. Luckily it has gone pretty well.

New Schedule

7/7:30- 6 oz bottle

8:30- breakfast: fruit & cereal

9/9;30-nap (sometimes it is 30 minutes other times much longer)

11:00-6 oz bottle

12:30-lunch: half a container of a vegetable (2nd stage)

1:00-3:00 nap (I will let her nap until 4 if she is tired)

3:00- 6 oz bottle

5:30-dinner: half a container of a vegetable and sometimes some fruit

7:00 6 oz bottle

7:30 Bedtime

She also gets 2 ounces of juice most days but she doesn't really snack. Like I said if I give her too much food she won't take her bottles.

I'm still working on getting things perfected (ha, as if that's possible) but I'm so glad I switched. It has made it better on everyone.


Kelly’s Korner said...

You are SUCH An organized mom!! :-)

Ashley said...

Yay! This same schedule works great for us and I'm so glad she took to it so well. It's because you're such a good mama! : )