Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pack Your Bags

Ok moms, I need your help. I'm 4 weeks and 4 days away from my due date and I need to know what to pack in my hospital bag.

1. What do I need for myself?
2. What do I need for Sadie?
3. Anything special I should have for Josh?

Ready. Set. Go.


Kristina--Picky Tots said...

I'll just read your comments for a refresher, ha! I am 2 weeks away and I do have a bag 'in the works' I was grateful for stretchy soft pants, a comfy nursing bra or nursing tank ( I used these often, nursing pads (milk does not often come in until 3 days after birth but Just in case) makeup, glasses, CAMERA charged with battery, blanket, baby outfits and caps, socks, pair of little cotton mittens, Swaddle Me for swaddling. What am i missing? I will check back and see what others have said!

Unknown said...

I packed snacks for dad and family, bath stuff (stuff I wanted my own of--lotion, shower gel, etc.), several pajamas (in case you end up having a C-section and you're in the hospital more than you planned on--speaking from experience on this one), warm socks, something to hold your hair back, thank you notes if you want to leave a note for your nurses (they WILL be your best friends)...these are the first things that came to mind that I was glad I took. Oh--cell phone charger, call list, laptop if you need it, baby bag.

And everything Kristina said!

The Leopard's Den said...

You will need a robe, a comfortable gown, nursing bra, clothes for Sadie, blankets, what you are going to bring her home in, tolietries, yes make-up, panties (even though the hospital gives you these guaze ones that are FABULOUS!!!!) camera and charger, pillow from your house because the hospital ones are not very good. Hopefully you will only be in there for 24-48 hours. The hospital provides pads, but you may want to bring your own depending on how bad you bleed afterwards (that is something they don't tell you about until after the birth).

Sara Sexton said...

If you have a hooter hider (or nursing cover) I strongly recommend bringing it. I know that throughout both of hospital stays with my little ones I would have tons of visitors and it would never fail it would be pumping/nursing time when they arrived. The hooter hider allowed me to cover up and visit with them at the same time.

I realize this might sound intimidating or strange to a first time mommy but I can guarantee you by my second little one, this was second nature!

I'm so excited for you!!!

Jan said...

In addition to what others have said: change for vending, snacks for dad (or you), door decoration, baby book or something for visitors to sign, and nail clippers. She will scratch her face if you don't cut the nails. The nurses won't do it for you. They suggested that I bite them. Um, no thank you. Bibs and burb cloths- Jade was a messy eater and I didn't have enough. Wipes! The hospital used wet gauze for wipes and they were terrible. I sent Daddy to Wal- Mart when I had both of my girls. I always forgot something no matter how much planning I did.

Karen said...

oooohhh....good question and so exciting!! I'd agree with what everyone else has said, and add chapstick and lansinoh (breast ointment for nursing). I'll keep thinking, too...have fun!

Superchikk said...

Ditto everything everyone else said, although we had regular wipes at our hospital. They even sent us home with diapers & wipes packs they'd opened for us to use.

Also, paper & pen in case you want to write down questions for doc/ped when they do rounds.

Take big ol' granny panties that you don't care if you trash when you're done. You might not have to, I'm just saying don't take your favorite pair of undies. And yes, take your own pads. You'll need heavy/overnight ones at first. Our hospital's were great with absorbency, but they were very uncomfortable.

Also, I'm a big believer in taking snacks. I STARVED during the night when I would nurse, and my only salvation was the snack stash I'd packed "for Chris".

Taylor said...

Toiletries (so you can shower after delivery), fresh clothes, house shoes (so you can walk if you feel like it), a robe, nursing gown, Sadie's coming home outfit and a blankets. I way overpacked, because I always do! But you can't really have too much. Also a change of clothes for Josh and some snacks, books, magazines, etc. And the camera!!! I can't believe it's so close!! And your pillow! It's a comfort thing!

Whitney Carr said...

The lactation consultant at baptist gave me a sample tube of lanolin and that was enough for me, but we were only there for a little over 24 hours. Don't forget the Boppy if you are gonna use it. Baptist has WiFi so take your laptops. Also, we used receiving blankets to make Lily fit snuggly in her carseat on the way home and the first month or so. I took all travel size toiletries and bought an extra toothbrush for my bag because I didn't want to leave mine at home if we had to leave in a hurry. Oh and I loved the mesh panties. I took some home with me. :o)

Good thing is that you don't live far from the hospital so Josh can run home for anything you forgot.

Audra said...

Since I just did this 3 weeks ago.....This was the list I looked at for ideas. I discovered it was WAY longer than I needed.

- Our hospital wouldn't let me wear anything of my own - just the hospital gown. So I didn't need any of the sleeping clothes I brought
- Bring your own pillow and Josh's (truthfully, David needed his more than I did - I was so tired I could have slept on the floor). Also, the rooms can get cold, so he might want an extra blanket.
- Bring snacks. David didn't want to leave a lot to find vending machines, so we had all kinds of things for him to eat. After she was born, I would get hungry at weird times and just want something small, so it was good for me too.
- Bring your going home outfit and Sadie's.
- Bring your camera and charger, batteries, extra memory cards, etc.
- I also brought a pacifier. This one is controversial, I know, but Elysen was eating so well from day 1 that I knew it wouldn't affect her breast feeding. The nurses asked if they could give her one, and I was glad to let them.
- I used a nipple shield to nurse - they had them at the hospital, but I also had one with me.
- Bring something to keep all your paperwork in - like a folder or envelope. It helped to keep it all in one place. Also, you can keep a sheet of paper there with a list of the people who visit you in the hospital, bring gifts, etc.
- Be sure to bring your makeup and toiletries. I only felt human again when I was able to brush my hair and put my makeup on.

Don't be afraid to ask the nurses for extras of whatever they use with you - gauze panties, enormous pads, Tucks, numbing spray, etc. I asked them and they were more than willing to send me home with a big supply so that we didn't have to buy as much.

Most of all, don't worry about not having what you need. Other than the camera and your phone, there is nothing you can't get at a store near the hospital. I know you and Josh are blessed with friends and family who will be more than happy to bring you anything you need (we even had someone go get some Chick-fil-A for me that night, haha).

I am so excited for you. It makes me smile remembering being there a month ago! You are going to be a great mom to your sweet girl!

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

You've already gotten a lot of great advice...here's my two cents: bring a sleeping bag & sweatshirt for Josh. A friend recommended these for my husband. You'll proabably want the room fairly cool and he'll be might be cold. The sleeping bag is just a nice addition to whatever is provided by the hospital. Our nurse said she had never seen a dad bring a sleeping bag, but she thought it was a great idea!

Unknown said...

I'm just kind of surprised not many people mentioned to bring a camera...that's the most important thing ;)

Todd and Courtney said...

You: comfy clothes. Nursing Bra. Robe. Pillow. Toiletries. Maxi Pads (thick ones). Socks. Slippers.

Josh: Camera. Clothes. Pillow. Blankets. (we preferred our own vs. the hospital). Camera charger. Snacks (best thing ever). Our hospital had a snack room for new parents but we brought a cooler and had yummy food. It can be a super long day for Josh so having yummy food was fabulous for Todd.

Sadie: You don't need much. Going home outfit. Cute little hats.

The Riedel Family - Confessions of a Marine Wife said...

I guess I can be the TMI poster! :) some of the most vital things I brought were granny panties, big ol' pads, dermoplast spray, Tucks pads, spray water bottle. These were a God sent after my first baby.

Lauren said...

Robe and house shoes!! Magazines to read...I had an epidural and read magazines all day until it was time to push! :). I also fixed a basket of snacks/goodies to set inside the room for the doctor, nurses or visitors to help themselves to...they loved this and my room was the favorite! ;)
Have fun, it's a day you'll never ever forget!! Good luck!

davidkayla716 said...

Baby clothes, clothes for you and your hubby. Nail clippers for the baby. camera snacks, some quarters, a note book to write what all people bring you. computer hair stuff, nursing stuff.

Unknown said...

Tucks pads for sure (I just used the Equate brand from Wal-Mart). Also, I recommend buying a donut ring to sit on because you are soooo sore after the birth. I didn't use one for the first two days after my fist baby's birth, but I have caved and tried it...amazing...I could actually sit on things. Not trying to scare you - just being real. You might also want stool softners as the pain meds can make things shall I say uncomfortable. But it is all worth it! I had a friend who informed me of all of these things and I was slightly embarassed by all of it, but I used it all! GOod Luck! You will be a great mama!

Kodi said...

Something we forgot the first time-


I have no idea why I didn't think of it, and why the idiot (ha!) didn't pack himself a bag I'll never know, but he had to make a special trip home to get clothes and toiletries etc. and my hormonal mess of a self was NOT happy about being left alone in the hospital with a baby that I had no idea how to take care of! :)

Kodi said...

Oh, ALSO, the diapers at the hospital will be paid for by your insurance, so take them home. Seriously. Take the swaddle blankets, take the wipes, diapers, little shirts etc. Both of our boys we've only bought one or less packs of newborn diapers because we swiped enough from the hospital to get through. I actually took an extra bag this time to bring everything home in...paperwork and the "stuff".

Ashley E. said...

I don't know if someone said this, but bring your boppy so the lactation consultant can help you position Sadie.

My aunt brought me some really nice shower gel and lotion and it was SO nice to get a hot shower and use some nice products!

Snacks for sure! And definitely bring a few different brands of pacis since you don't know what type she will take. :)

Lexie said...

Bring your boppy (if you have one) and baby book, if you want the little hand/foot prints inside the book. The nurses will do that for you, as long as you let them know. And lots of pads--especially the big ones if you bleed a lot after delivery.

The Swains said...

I just saw your blog off of Kelly's Korner and I thought I would leave a comment on here since I just had my little girl 7 months ago. My experience was a little different than most because our daughter was in the NICU, so we weren't able to have her room-in with us. If I could repack a bag here is what I would include:
1. Nursing cover - for pumping and feedings, hospital staff will be coming in your room every half hour almost with little notice.
2. Short dark Robe - this is great to cover your hospital gown or nightgowns when you have visitors. Make sure it is short and something you are willing to trash because there will be a lot of bleeding.
3. Camera, Computer, Cell phone, and all chargers.
4. Money for vending machines - the cafeteria is almost always open, but usually has a few hours that it will be closed and you and your hubs may want a snack.
5. Clippers - you may not need them but the staff will not clip baby's nails.
6. Nursing pads, nursing tanks
7. Favorite toiletries and makeup - these will help you feel a little more refreshed and yourself.
8. Change of clothes for hubs and Sadie - bring 2 different size outfits for her so something fits.
9. Slippers - haha
10. Your own pillow with a colorful pillowcase so it won't get mixed with the hospitals.

Miss E said...

-Boppy is a God sent for all my new moms. for feedings and just cuddling in bed.

-Food, yes snacks but not just junk, you need some nutrients especially as you begin nursing, your body needs the extra boost to adjust. We tell our mommies to pack a "fat kids" lunch, HUGE portion sizes (mini cooler or cool keeper)! Focus on fiber and foods that maintain blood sugar, NOT spike it. I suggest apples, bananas, hummus, cheese peanut butter, crackers, nuts, dry cereal, juice. Water, yes you can get it but sometimes you want it and are not wanting to wait! Plus snacks for dad & who ever is in your room.

-Your own toiletries & shower items... you need some sense of normalcy.

-Magazines or something to try and distract you, deck of cards?

-Thick socks or slipper socks, when you need to walk its too much effort to put on shoes, especially if you are sore.

-Stool softeners make you a nicer mommy, wife & patient.

-Multiple cameras, THE good one, a spare & a disposable. Many people end up in & out of your room, plus sometimes its nice to have one to give out for pictures of your nurses or to give when she is brought to the nursery and to have a different angle. Video Camera. Batteries & Chargers.

-Wipes for you & baby. Keep close by they are nice to grab quick.

-notebook/paper & pen, you will think of things you want to remember and its best to write it then... "baby brain" is very common before/after delivery.

-Pillow for you & the hubby AND one to sit on in the back seat on the ride home. Many pack everything up and the pillow ends up being hard to get to and sitting is uncomfortable to say the least.

-The thickest pads you can find. The best ones are the over night cheap brands, they have more "soaker-up" material than name brands which focus on wings or shape. Many forget about after birth.

-Breath mints or gum, sometimes its too much effort to get up and brush those teeth.

-Head band.. hair falls out and a head band takes two seconds to re-adjust to get those annoying hairs out of your face! Dads have trouble with pony tails. HA!

-Chap stick... carmex is great is stays on there and doesn't require obsessive reapplication (which is nice during labor).

-Loose fitting clothes, I think the best is 2 size bigger button down, look nice but easy access. Robe

-A size bigger panties, granny panties are best, cotton.

-Over night bag for dad, sometimes dads shirt gets dirty and you might be there for more than 24 hours.

-Glasses you wont want to fuss with contacts.

- A fleece blanket, rooms get cold

We always try and gussy our babies up, bring a tiny bow, hair brush, & Baby lotion its fun for you and your nurses

Lastly, which might sound like common sense, but many forget... ASK ASK ASK your nurses questions, requests, advice ANYTHING. They can't read your mind, ask for extras, ask the "silly" questions. There is no need to be shy and they want to help and make it a better experience.

The Trendy Family said...

I am on baby #2 in two years... this was totally a God thing! I would reccomend flip flops... THe hospital floor is dirty and you are going to want something you can either throw away or wash really good. Most of the presonal hygiene items my hospital provides along with snacks for Dad! I would also reccommend red panties that way whatever gets on them blends in! Pack a couple of pairs of cute matching pj's... I should have packed a couple of more!

Kandice said...

I had two huge bags when I went in to have my daughter and surprisingly I didnt use hardly anything in my bags. I would suggest, pajamas/gown/robe, bath stuff, makeup if you wanna wear make-up(i didnt ha!) I would HIGH suggest bringing blankets and pillows for your husband, it's FREEZING in the hospitals and my husband was froze to death by the time my daughter was born ha!, Some people dont like boppies but i still use mine and my daughter is 6 months and i used that alot in the hospital for breastfeeding etc.., baby coming home clothes, they supply diapers and stuff - good luck! :)

Heather Allen said...

I packed flip flops for the shower- even though it is a hospital haha! What I did not pack that I realize I should have was the boppy. I'm not sure what I was thinking.

I am an over packer by nature but was glad to have everything once I was there. Although- if I had packed much more, I would have had to ride home on the roof!