Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Showers

We had the last two showers for Sadie (before she arrives...she has a couple of events to attend once she's here, ha) this past week. On Saturday Josh and I headed to his grandparent's house so his family could give us a shower. I was told that for Saturday only Sadie's name would have 2 "d's" in it. :)

I didn't get a picture of everyone but I managed to snap a few pictures. Here's Amy, Whitman or "Whippin" as his brother calls him, Sara, Ronette, and Emersyn.

Ashley and Darlene

And here's Josh about to jump up on the hay.

He nailed it.

Here he is helping out Camden and Till.
I know I took the most random pictures and they aren't really shower related but oh well. We had a great time. We were blessed with some really neat things.

Josh and Emersyn. I think he's really excited about having a girl.
My last shower was a work. It was a "surprise" shower that I found out about pretty much from the beginning.
Here's Katie and Debbie telling me I'm needed in the back. Trying to be sneaky.

This is what I found when I went back there. The pictures don't do it justice. It was the cutest shower and everything was PINK. I loved it.

Homemade strawberry cake, blue bell ice cream, and strawberries. Please and Thank you!

The punch was very delicious.

The invitation and the sweet flowers.

A close up of the strawberries.

Katie made two extra cakes in case we ran out. Luckily we didn't so I was able to take one home. Mercy.

The chair for me to sit in.

Here's a lot of the group I work with. There are a few that either came later, weren't at work that day, or were sick.

Minnie even put on her pink scarf to be festive.
Jeff, one of only 3 guys in my office, came to get some food. He was nice enough to answer the phones so the ladies could party.
And once again I was blown away by the generosity of everyone. I've said this a bunch and I'll say it again, we are so thankful for all the wonderful gifts. We appreciate everything so much and will put it all to good use.


Ashley said...

I love all of the pink! Ahh! So fun! : ) I CANNOT WAIT for this girl to get here!

Mrs. Southern said...

That strawberry cake looks so good! Baby showers are always so much fun and it sounds like you are ready for your sweet baby girl to arrive!

Julee said...

I went to college with Jeff! :) Do you know his wife Jenny? Love all the pink at this shower!