Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Snow of 2011

This post is a little late but I wanted to document it anyway. A little over a week ago (January 9th) we had our first snow of 2011 in Little Rock. Actually most of the state saw snow. I LOVE snow and I love when it snows only sometimes it stresses me out because of work. Unlike most people when it snows I still have to work. Driving in the snow has never really bothered me. When I lived in Fayetteville you had a much more challenging time getting around than you do in Little Rock. This year though things are a little different. I don't mind driving myself in the snow but having a little bun in the oven makes me more nervous. Because of that we decided to stay at my parent's house since they live close to where I work. I took a few pictures but they are a little blurry because I took them through the glass. Too cold to go outside!

My parent's back yard. It was such a pretty snow. I think we ended up with around 5 plus inches.

Josh was so nice to get all the snow off before he drove me to work.

The only tracks we had to follow were that of the paper guy. Everyone else was all cozy inside their warm homes.

Here's my drive to work...

Definitely a road less traveled.
We had planned to go home after the first night but realized we'd probably have just as much trouble if we did so we stayed with my parents a second night.

I thought we should take a family photo before the snow started to melt. It didn't warm up for DAYS so the snow stuck around for a while. It's gone now but there's more snow in the forecast. We shall see...


Jill said...

I loved the snow too. But I'm over it now. Ready for spring!! :) Looking good, Mama!!