Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All the Single Ladies...Put Your Hands Up

Hello everyone!! My friend Kelly is doing a really fun thing over at her blog today. Show Us Your Life is something Kelly has been doing for a while now. Can you believe that I have NEVER participated??? I hope she doesn't de-friend me for that. Either I was just lazy or didn't have anything fun to add or whatever. This week though is different. I knew I couldn't miss out on this one because it's all about showing off your single friends. Since I was single while most of my friends were getting married and having babies it is definitely a sensitive subject. I long for all single ladies to find a godly husband to share life with. It took a little convincing but I talked 3 of my favorite friends into letting me show them off on my blog. You've probably already seen them on Kelly's blog but for the 4 of you out there that might not read Kelly's blog (ok, probably just 1 or 2) I wanted to give you an opportunity to meet my friends. Josh and I were set up for our first date so I'm a true believer in that process. my beautiful friends...

This is my friend Shannon. She's 29 and lives in Arkansas. I like to think of Shannon as an answer to prayer. About 6 years ago my roommate and best friend at the time was preparing to get married and move away. She and I had been inseparable and I wasn't sure what I was going to do without her. I started getting depressed just thinking about it but God showed up big time. He put Shannon in my path on Valentine's Day. Sounds funny, huh? Well she and I both went to a singles bible study and what do singles do on Valentine's Day, they all go to dinner and a movie together. From that night on Shannon and I became best friends. She's so fun to be around. She's hilarious and sweet and she loves Razorback sports. She has a wonderful voice and is really involved with her church. It breaks my heart that some guy hasn't snatched her up yet. So here's your chance, snatch her up!

This is my friend Caroline. She's 29 and lives in Texas. I actually first met Caroline through the blog world but I'm so happy to say that she and I have actually spent time together in real life. We met up in Atlanta and I'm so happy we did. One of the best things I can say about Caroline is that what you see is what you get. She is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She's very strong and confident but most importantly she LOVES the Lord. I mean she is passionately in love with Him. As if that isn't enough she's very outgoing and spunky and fun and artsy. Caroline means so much to me because she has become someone I trust with my prayer requests and with the things on my heart.

This is Jenna. She's 26 and lives in Georgia. Where do I even begin to tell you about Jenna?! Like Caroline I met Jenna in person on the same Atlanta trip. This girl had gone above and beyond to make that weekend so much fun for all of us. That's just who she is. She's all about doing things for other people. Like the other two girls she is all about the Lord. One way she honors Him is by giving of her time to help minister to other girls, friends, etc. She's just a selfless person and has a HUGE heart. Oh and she. is. hilarious. I mean hilarious. She has the best comebacks and sometimes I'm jealous. :) I love that she can be funny and serious all at the same time. Jenna is also one that I've shared prayer requests with because I know she is faithful to pray. That's a good word to describe her, faithful. Oh and I'd also describe her as loyal too.

So here are just three of my single friends. I pray that the Lord might use this blog to bring husbands to these ladies. I pray the guys drawn to them are willing to pursue them and honor them. If that's not your plan then don't bother. :)
If you are interested in any of these lovely ladies leave me a comment or email me at


His Doorkeeper said...

I don't know Shannon but I have heard she is a wonderful young lady !

But for Caroline and Jenna......guys, you are just missing the biggest blessing in your lives if you don't at least make an effort to meet these two girls if you live near by and are a decent , fine, up-standing young man who wants to have girl friend who is worth taking home to meet your Mama! Life is short...pick your mate with prayer and God's leading! Life is great when you have the right mate! Makes all the difference in the world!

Bless you three girls...hope you meet your "Mr. Right"! We will all rejoice with you!

Jenna said...

Hillary, I seriously appreciate your words so much! You are precious. Kelly should have a SUYL married girls so people can talk about all their cool married friends and then I can feature you and talk about how awesome YOU are! Love you friend!

And how much do we love sweet Judy!?!?!

Mandy said...

Check out Brian in GA (I guess specifically for Jenna, but the others too)!