Saturday, March 12, 2011

35 Weeks

How can my stomach get any bigger???? This picture doesn't even do it justice.

I can't believe I am 35 weeks today. Only 5 weeks to go although I'm hoping for more like 4. Wishful thinking, I know!

Right now I'm just feeling really big, probably because I am. The swelling is about the same but it's not worse. The carpal tunnel is worse but I knew that would happen. The worst problem now is the pain and pressure down low. I walk like a penguin.

She still moves a lot but she also has her lazy days. At the doctor this week she made some big movements and impressed the doctor. She's already showing off. This could be a bad sign.

I've been eating a LOT of cereal lately. That's unusual for me. Cereal is not my food of choice but now I can't get enough of it. I especially like it with a banana. Yum. Other than that I'm not really eating out of the ordinary. I've craved fried pickles but I've always loved those so it's no surprise there. I'm still attempting a lower sodium diet but it's hard.

Oh the nausea has returned. Isn't that fun?? It's every morning and some at night.

On a fun note, as you know, we've had a blast with all of Sadie's showers and gifts. We have two more to go before she gets here and I'm so excited! We are very thankful!

Oh yeah, in other big news, her bedding is basically finished. Praise the Lord!! I will share pictures soon.

Well I guess that's enough updating for now. Have a great Saturday.


Lindsay said...

You look so great! Can't wait to see her bedding!

Lauren said...

Hillary, you look so cute!

Audra said...

I wanted SO MUCH cereal the last couple of months. David said I was going to turn into a bowl of cereal. :)

Tricia Nae said...

how cute are you?! i can't believe it is already 35 weeks!! exciting!!! can't wait to see that bedding...i bet it is precious!

His Doorkeeper said...

Hillary, You look soooo cute! Ya'll are about to have the cutest baby!!
By the way, I had nausea the entire 9 mos with both Kelly and Chris and even took my nausea pills to the hospital with me. I threw up in the delivery room...yuk!

But I got lovely babies anyway.......and you will too!!

Hoping the next few weeks go by quickly for you!!

Michelle said...

Looking good Momma! I'm 36 weeks (due April 8th) and I too am having a girl and have been eating a TON of cereal. I think its because its not super filling and heavy. Can't wait for Sadie to finally get here!

Val said...


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