Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Days

Wednesday was another snow event for the state of Arkansas. I'm so sad we didn't get as much as NWA but we did get some nice snow. I'm just glad it was enough to close our bank down at 11:00am. YES! Fun times! After Josh came and picked me up and I was all settled in a nice warm house I decided I wanted something to eat.

We ventured out in the snow and it was a little crazy. There was just so much of it. The roads were completely covered. Luckily there were only a few nuts like Josh and I who were out in it.

Our first stop was Kroger. I just knew Gucci Kroger (what my mom's friend calls it) would have something yummy and warm to eat. Nope. We got a few groceries in there then headed back out.

After we left Kroger we headed across the street to Arby's since they were open. GLORY!! Best chicken tenders I have ever had (except they are really small and pretty expensive). After our adventure we came home and relaxed. I took a nap and Josh worked on school/church work.

Pretty Snow

Josh with his ruler in hand ready to check out the damage.

He measured once...


...three times. I think at this point it was somewhere between 5 and 6 inches but we got more as the day went on. Since it was such good snow I decided that I needed some snow ice cream.

Mom braved the weather and went and gathered snow. Somehow I stretched this picture so it looks really weird (I tried to unstretch it). Ha. I'm too lazy to add it again because it can be a pain!



Mix together.

Deicious. It tasted sooooo good.
I'd like to end on a sweet note but I need to include a few snow pictures of my dad too since everyone else was featured.
Here he is in Josh's boots (a good 3 sizes bigger than what he wears) going to get his boots out of the car. I think he likes them because they make him look taller.
And here is an action shot after he braved the elements for his own boots (which we may or may not tease him about).
All in all it was a wonderful snow day. I was sad I had to go back to work today but it wasn't so bad. As much as I love the snow I'm ready for it to melt and for spring to join us. Thankfully the temperatures will be turning more spring-like in the days to come.


Ashley said...

I am jealous of your snow cream! We haven't had enough snow here to make any this year. I LOVE it though! And hip, hip, hooray for leaving work early! : )

Ashley E. said...

Haha! We all call it Gucci Kroger too! Glad you got off work early! :)

Tricia Nae said...

Oh my goodness at the snow!! And Gucci Kroger...hahaha...they are building a "Gucci Kroger" right across the street from our casa!!! So excited!!!