Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Prayers for Sadie

Since the second I found out I was pregnant (actually even before that) I started praying for the new life God had began forming inside of me. At first it didn't seem real and honestly it still doesn't. I never felt like I deserved such a blessing. I know so many women who long for a child and have yet to get pregnant so I felt guilty that I was pregnant. I know that seems silly but I simply didn't think I deserved it. Regardless though I was beyond thankful and humbled. I think as soon as I confirmed a positive pregnancy test I started praying out of panic. I would go through every single part of her body that I could think of (eyes, ears, nose, blood, muscles, organs, mind, bones, etc) and pray that God would completely form them and that she'd be healthy. Once the panic wore off I started praying more about her and that she'd be sweet and have a gentle and quiet spirit (good luck, child, seeing as how you come from two very stubborn parents, ha). I would say little prayers about her future husband and friends and I still do.

All of these prayers are great but lately there are two prayers I pray all the time for her. I still pray she will be healthy and continue to grow inside of me. That's obviously very important to me. Another very important thing to me is Sadie's salvation. I pray almost every day that she will accept the Lord as her Savior. Not only that but I want her to fall in love with Him. I worry that since she'll grow up in church and in the ministry that she'll be jaded to church and the Lord and think of it as something we "do". I pray that she'll develop a relationship with Him based on obedience and love and that she'll never doubt it. I pray that she'll be strong in her faith and that she'll lead other people to the Lord throughout her lifetime.

Although I want her to be successful and have a wonderful husband and friends I want more than anything for her to love the Lord. It's scary to think that as her momma I'm going to be responsible for making sure she is introduced to Him. Josh and I will certainly make sure she is in church and involved in activities that give her opportunities to get to know Him but it is so much deeper than that. Is my relationship with Lord such that Sadie will want what I have? Do I bring honor and glory to Him in what I do? Do I live out my faith each and every day? Is God someone I love and serve with an open heart or is He a "job" or obligation that I fulfil?

Lord, I pray that Josh and I will show Sadie what it looks like to love you with all of our heart, soul, and mind and that she'll desire to love you like that as well.


His Doorkeeper said...

Hillary, This is the sweetest post. I am so thankful you and Josh are already concerned about Sadie's eternal life! It is truly a blessing to hear of your concern as it should be to all Christian parents!

I think of the verse in 3 John 4 that says" I have no greater joy than this: to hear of my children walking in the truth". I pray that for my children even today and for my Harper, Hollis and any grandbabies to come!

Miss Sadie is going to be a very blessed baby to have such wonderful parents!

Diane said...

As a mother of a young child, I completely understand. :-) I also work for the church (I am the Program Director at Camp Tanako, which is the United Methodist camp in Hot Springs), and I have to spend a lot of time away from home at times, especially in the summer. I just pray that my two boys would see God working through my work and not my busy schedule. Sweet post.

Betsy said...

Such a sweet post Hillary! You are already such a good Mommy. God is going to honor your prayers. Sadie is so lucky to have such wonderful parents!!

Donna said...

With already thinging about it all even before she is born and will be a MARVELOUS me!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Such a sweet post. You'll never stop praying for her.. We pray daily that BG will come to know the Lord at an early age and that she also won't think of church as something we just do, but will fall in love with Him and worship Him. We also pray for her husband out there somewhere. It's so good to hear of children being loved and prayed for as so many aren't..

Jessica said...

You will be a great momma! So happy for you! : )