Saturday, January 22, 2011

28 Weeks

I'm 28 weeks today. Only 12 weeks to go. Yikes. I have so much left to do before she gets here. I'm ready for her to be here I'm just not ready. Know what I mean?!
Here I am at 28 weeks. Excuse the self-portrait bathroom photo.

-My love for chick-fil-a has returned. PTL! In fact I had it 3 times in 24 hours last week.
-The nausea is a lot better. I still get nauseous in the mornings but I no longer have to take zofran to make it better.
-I've been eating a lot of cereal. I want it for a snack and a dessert. Weird.
-Still loving Hawaiian punch, chocolate chip cookies, and really anything sweet.
-I get out of breath all the time. Putting on tennis shoes is a huge task these days. Even turning over in the bed at night makes me out of breath. It's a little ridiculous.
-My feet swell like crazy now if I've been at work all day. Luckily my BP is still good so no worries there. It's just really annoying because I can't wear any shoes.
-Sadie moves around a lot. In fact I wonder if she ever sleeps. Makes me concerned she won't be a good sleeper. I love feeling her though and watching my stomach move all around.
-Still no heartburn. I guess she'll be a bald baby.
-I started making her crib bedding a couple of weeks ago. It's been
fun so far I'm just ready to get it finished.
-I still haven't made or monogramed my child anything. Isn't that sad?! I'm going to fix that soon.
-Josh and I have been really praying hard about where we'll live (we have to move bc our apt is tiny), finances, child care, etc. I'm pretty sure that's a whole other blog post.
-My glucose test is this week. Uh oh. I'm afraid I might have to lay off the sugar. :(
-Want to know what else is this week? My 4D ultrasound. I can't wait to see her! And get further confirmation she's a girl.
-We just feel so blessed to be the parents of this little girl. Lord, help us!

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Fran said...

I think you look fabulous and I know for a fact all that stuff you are worrying about WILL work itself out. No fret sister. Good Lord has it. ;)

Laurie said...

Loved reading this post! You look fantastic!

Jess :) said...

You are ADORABLE!!!! :) Seriously...just precious! I can't wait to "meet" Sadie!

Katie said...

SO cute!

The Durham Family said...

You look so cute!
I made the apple dumpling recipe and OH MY it was the best thing EVER! I'm fixing the bow tie fiesta dish tonight! Thanks for suggesting those recipes!
Spell It With Style

Diane said...

Looking good!