Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend in Bullets

Well wouldn't ya know I didn't take a single picture with my camera this weekend. Sad, I know. But because I love bullets I thought I'd at least share about my weekend using those.

  • Friday night while Josh went to the State Championship game between Fayetteville and Bentonville I hung out with my parents. My mom and I watched a movie, I think on CBS, called something like A Walk in My Shoes. That might not exactly be right but it was a sweet movie and it really makes you think about what other people are dealing with that we might have no idea about.
  • Saturday morning I SET OUR ALARM because we had several things we needed to get done early. I don't think Josh likes Saturday mornings because I always get up early.
  • First on the agenda was an oil change for our car and then like always we went to breakfast. This is a good time to tell you that my aversion to Chick-fil-A might be getting better. I'm now been able to eat there for breakfast. I'm not ready to try lunch or dinner yet. Baby steps.
  • After breakfast we went to a local furniture store to look at rocker/recliners for the nursery. We really do not need to be buying one of these ($$$$) and if we had another option I wouldn't. The thing is we live in an apartment and that's probably where we'll be when Sadie gets here (a bigger apartment though). Because of that our living room furniture is lacking and we only have a couch, which happens to be really uncomfortable. I just don't think I'm going to want to feed Sadie on it because its so awkward. And for that reason we're looking at a chair. I told my parents maybe Josh, Sadie, and I can get one for our 2011 birthdays. :)
  • Next stop was a fabric store. I wanted to check on some fabric that I think I'm going to make Sadie's bedding out of. Lucky for me I found the same fabric online and it's $4 a yard cheaper. The person online is sending me swatches so I should have a better idea if this is really the fabric this week. Once I decide I will share it. I shared it on Twitter but I don't want to jump the gun on the blog. I'm a little indecisive these days. :)
  • Right next to the fabric store is a place that carries the travel system I picked out. I wanted to Josh to see it and I wanted to talk with someone about it. After looking at it and talking with them I feel really good about my choice. I will share this with you all soon too.
  • The big event for Saturday came next. Josh and I hurried back to my parents house where we met Todd and Ben so Todd could take mine and Josh's Christmas card photo. I was really worried about it. Luckily Todd got several good ones with little effort. Thank you, Lord!
  • After photos we all went to lunch at Larry's Pizza. Yummy!!
  • Josh was thrilled when after lunch I told him I wanted to look at one other furniture store and go to Babies r us. :) He really was a trooper about it all. I just needed to get an idea of what we were going to register for before we actually register. It was a successful trip.
  • Our errands ended soon enough and we headed home just in time for the SEC Championship. I wanted Auburn to win in a big way. This is not because I like them necessarily but because if they won the hogs would most likely go to the Sugar Bowl. And I'm so happy to say that we ARE BCS BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is huge for a hog fan. I mean huge! I'm so happy!
  • The rest of Saturday was laid back which was wonderful.
  • Sunday was church, then decorating the Christmas tree, a trip to walmart, then church again.
  • Overall we had a wonderful weekend!! They are going to get really busy from here on out for a while so it was nice to get some much needed things accomplished.


Karen said...

Hi Hillary! I found you from Kelly's Korner and just love reading your blog. Exactly two years ago, I was newly pregnant with our second child and didn't feel well at all...but the lack of energy did lead to a great discovery: fellow bloggers!! I just love reading blogs of people I know as well as moms across the world! We are also on a tight budget, but I can easily say that the best purchase we made was the recliner. It has definitely paid for itself in the last 5 years and still has a lot of good life in it :) It is great for rocking. And, there have been several nights when I've slept in the chair to keep a sick child upright so he could breathe easier. I meant to comment on your previous post, but time got away from me. Good luck with everything...such an exciting time in your life...enjoy every moment :)

Whitney Carr said...

I agree with the above comment about the recliner! We bought one while i was pregnant. I thought it was a little more practical than a glider. I lived in it at the end of my pregnancy because of my swollen feet. I'm still living in it now with feeding and rocking Lily. We bought ours during Lazy-boy's 4th of July sale and it was really wasn't that expensive. So try looking around a holiday!

Alex and Jill said...

That would be SO NICE if you could receive a chair for your birthday! Funny how our wish lists change after having a baby! :)

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for a little while I think I came across it from Kellys Korner...anyways I wanted to let you know I gave you a little blog award over on my blog :)