Friday, December 17, 2010

Forever Friends

This past week I was able to hang out with some of my favorite friends. I met up at Katie's parent's house to hang with her, Jenny, and 3 of the cutest boys on the planet.

Zach and Ben were so funny to watch. This age is hilarious. They played and played and I loved watching them.
And then this little guy. Oh my gosh, Colson is the most laid back child. He didn't make a peep the entire time. And I LOVE his chubby legs. So cute!!
I had such a good time with my friends. Jenny and Katie have been and will be forever friends. I can't imagine life without them. I'm so glad we've stayed so close over the years.


Diane said...

Glad you had fun with them! :-)

Katie said...

Thanks for coming over into the craziness! Love ya.