Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve and Eve 2010

Josh and I have had a great time over the Christmas holidays. I'm blogging in two parts because there are so many pictures.

Thursday night, Christmas Eve Eve, Josh and I celebrated together. We first went to dinner and then came home to watch a movie. Before the movie I really wanted Josh to open one of his presents from me. He and I don't usually give each other gifts but this year we decided to exchange them with a $25 limit. I was really excited about one of the gifts I bought him because I knew he would love it. I begged him to open it up and he did.

If you're a boy I don't think you're ever too old for things like this. It's a noisy putty and I'm sure you can imagine what kind of noises it makes. Josh loved it!

Can't you tell?? I had to MAKE him put it up so we could watch one of our favorite Christmas movies,

Josh and I had a great relaxing evening together and I was very thankful for that. The next morning I had to get up and go to work. Boo. I got there early so I could leave early. After I got off Josh and I wanted to exchange our gifts then hit the road to see our families. After the car was all packed we opened our presents.

Look what I got! I'm sure you're not surprised.

This is what Josh got, a book (that hasn't come in yet) and a Starbucks gift card. We both loved our little gift exchange but we did it in a hurry so we could get on the road. The first stop was to visit family on Josh's dad side. When we got there everyone was about to start playing Apples to Apples so we jumped right it.

I really like this game because it doesn't take much thought. We had a great time. Josh siblings and cousins are a lot of fun.

Kylie and Jeremy, Brian and Jaye

Chelsia (Josh's sister) with Josh and I

Cody and Leslie

Josh with his brother Blake and sister Chelsia. These three don't get to all see each other that often so I was glad they were able to hang out for a little while.

This is cute Macy. She had just got up from her nap and her hair was wild. She is the sweetest little baby. She cuddles up to everyone and just smiles. I can't believe she'll be a year old this week. Josh was smitten with her.

All the cousins.

The cousins with Nana.

Josh with three of his favorite girls, Hallie, Layla, and Macy. These 3 girls belong to Jeremy and Kylie. I'm telling you these girls are so sweet and well behaved. I just love them and hope Sadie grows up to be as sweet and loving as they are.
After spending time with Josh's family we hit the interstate again and headed to my sister's house. My family traditionally has opened all of our presents on Christmas Eve and then wait for Santa Christmas morning. When we got to my sister's house we ate our traditional Pizza Parlour pizza and then my uncle gave my Granny her gift.

He scanned a bunch of old pictures into his computer and downloaded them onto a digital frame. My grandmother loved it. We all did. Josh really liked looking at all the old photos.

This is my Papa and Granny with my mom and her brother. Looking at these pictures really made me miss my Papa. I hate that he isn't here anymore to celebrate with us but I know the celebrations in Heaven are WAY better.
After Granny opened up her gifts we let my sister's foster daughter open up hers too. It was getting close to her bedtime so we didn't want to push it.
She loved her baby that Granny got her.

My Uncle Johnny and Aunt Pat were there for the fun too.

Granny opened up her gifts from us too. I think she's excited about her year's subscription to People Magazine. Ha! She can keep me updated on everything that's going on.

And of course my dad, Big D, was there for the fun too!

Chloe and Josh just chilled and watched. That is until Josh got out his own "toy" to show off.

Yes, he brought it with him. And I assure you this isn't the last time he brought it out. The boy can't get enough of this. To him it never gets old. He finally put it up so we could go to bed and wait for Santa to come visit us...


Diane said...

Looks like a blast! :-) Next year Christmas will be even sweeter. Opening presents is fun, but Christmas with children is wonderful! I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of watching my boys (well, the 11 day old didn't open any presents, but...) opening their gifts. ;-)

Maranda said...

I had no idea that Josh and Chelsea are siblings! I went to school with her, Jaye, and Kylie. Small world.

Claire said...

Hee! What a great gift!