Monday, November 19, 2012


I am WAY behind on posting. Man. I hope to get a lot caught up this week.

A couple of weeks ago, after being very sick (see previous post), Sadie got tubes.

It was a quick and easy process although I wish someone would have warned us about how she'd be coming off the anesthesia. Yowza. Overall we had a great experience and here are some pictures to document her first (hopefully her last) "surgery."

See....Yowza. And this was calm compared to how she was right away.

So thankful she has her tubes and all is well so far.


Lauren said...

Sweet girl!!! What a trooper!!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Oh, girl. I know what you mean. D had dental work done last week under IV sedation and woke up a raving lunatic! I sure hope the tubes do the trick and keep Sadie Lady healthy. :)

Ruth Ann said...

My son got tubes at about the same age, and it was horendous when he woke up after surgery. He screamed, clung to me, clung to my was awful. He's had many other surgeries since (for his eyes) and besides getting sick from the anesthesia he has been fine after waking after surgery...thank goodness. Hopefully her ear infections will go away!
-Ruth Ann

Rachel said...

Oh I agree!! My little guy screamed bloody murder and thrashed around for hours after getting tubes. And nobody had warned me what to expect. Frustrating!!!

Alyssa said...

My son screamed bloody murder after he got his first set. He screamed so hard that after 20 minutes they had me signing discharge papers. He stopped the second we walked out the door! His next two sets were completely uneventful- praying we don't get a 4th set next month!

And I know it's not from pain because I've had tubes inserted without anesthesia and it's painless.

Let's pray that these tubes do the trick!