Monday, June 13, 2011

Sadie's Sip & See

This past Saturday we hit the road to Northwest Arkansas for Sadie's Sip & See. Please ignore paci in some pictures. She did SO good all day but I let her have her paci for part of it. I should have brought her clear one so it matched better. :)

Since the moment I took my first pregnancy test Kelly has talked about wanting to give me a shower. When it came time to set a date I decided that a Sip & See after Sadie was here would be better for everyone. I'm so glad we did it this way because it was a lot of fun.

Kelly is always a great hostess. And she happens to be the most thoughtful, selfless person I know. Seriously. I've never met a more generous person in my life.

Laurie was also a hostess. I'm serious when I say that Laurie has probably been more excited about me being pregnant and having Sadie than anyone. Laurie is such a good friend and always has the perfect thing to say!
Kelly and Laurie have been two of my best friends for a long time now and I know they'll be best friends for years to come. I hope Sadie has as good of friends as I do.

Both Kelly and Laurie did a great job hostessing. Everything was PERFECT. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

The food was so good!

Not only was the food good but the presentation was adorable.

Cookies from Rick's were so good!

I loved all the different ribbon. Such a cute idea.

During the shower I noticed this BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement. Seriously it was so pretty the picture doesn't do it justice. It was afterwards that I found out that my sweet friend, Jenna, sent these to Sadie and I. I almost cried. They are still so pretty and I'm looking at them as I type this. THANK YOU, JENNA! We missed you!

I thought the mantel looked really cute.

One thing I looked forward to the most about the Sip & See was being able to see so many friends. Some I've known for a long time and others I've known for just a little while.

I was so excited Megan and Eli came from Oklahoma. I'm so thankful for Megan you just don't even know. She, our friend Ashley (who we missed), and I were all pregnant with our first babies together. We have spent lots of time e-mailing over the last several months about pregnancy and now about motherhood. I could not have done it without these two. I've received lots of advice and encouragement from friends but most of my friends are on their second babies or they already have several. It was so nice to have friends to do this with the first time. Thank you Megan and Eli for coming. I can't wait to hang out again SOON.

Eli is sooooo cute.I knew he was cute but I'm telling you, if you can even imagine, he's even cuter in person. I just love this little guy.

We picked my friend Shannon up in Springdale before the Sip & See and I'm glad we did. She was a huge help in helping me get Sadie ready and in keeping up with Sadie and I while we were there. I feel bad but I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks, Shannon!

Megan with Eli, Melissa with Honor, Jennifer with Jillian
Melissa and Jennifer have been HUGE helps since Sadie was born. Honor and Sadie were born days apart which is fun and Melissa has been great for advice on lots of different things. Sometimes you just need to hear that "it's ok" and Melissa is great for that! Jennifer, where do I even begin?! She's supermom and I have blown her phone up with texts. Not everyone does Babywise or is as scheduled as I am but Jennifer is part of the reason I am the way I am. :) First of all she has two kids that sleep well and are great so when I became pregnant I knew I wanted to enlist her help. She's helped so much and I feel better knowing she's a phone call or text away.

My mom was lucky enough to get to hold Hollis a lot. I know my mom loved it. Hollis was so good and sweet. I'm so glad my mom was able to come. It would take a months worth of posts to tell about how much my mom means to me...and Sadie. We'd both be lost without her.

Laurie, Ashley with Ava, and Kelly

Ashley, who I refer to as SheShe, came all the way from Texas (with Sarah and Jen who I managed not to get a picture of which makes me VERY VERY sad). Ashley is the face behind some of the cutest children's clothing I have ever seen. She seriously does great work and my mom and I both love getting things from her. Ashley is so much fun and I'm so glad she was able to come.

Katie, Me, Rebekah

Katie and Rebekah have been my friends for a long time. Katie and I have been best friends since high school. I'm so glad she came. She knows this already but I get sad when I think that Sadie will miss out on being friends with Reese on this side of Heaven. From the moment I found out I was having a girl my heart ached for Reese to be here. I still think about that sweet girl all the time. I missed her not being there yesterday. Sadie will just have to wear enough red and pink for the both of them! And we'll wear some big bows for Reese too! :)

Rebekah has been a good friend since college. We had a lot of fun back then! She has been such an encouragement to me since I've had Sadie. I love getting encouragement from friends who "have been there."

Caroline, oh Caroline. She and her mom came too and I couldn't have been happier. You know what makes me really excited? CAROLINE IS MOVING TO ARKANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have prayed for this for a while. Well I prayed for God's will of course but prayed His will would bring her to Arkansas. I will be seeing lots more of her. Sadie loves her already (I can just tell) and I'm glad she'll get to spend some time with her.

Julee, Melissa with Grayson, Sydney and Emerson

I was so glad that these girls (and boy) came! Julee is so sweet and I am so happy that she is going to have a baby! She's waited a long time for this. I have prayed hard for Julee to get pregnant. I am almost as excited for her being pregnant as I was when I found out I was pregnant. :) I can't wait to find out what she's having.

I officially met Melissa this past November and she's so nice. She always has sweet things to say to everyone and she's just a thoughtful person. I've known Sydney for a while too. She and I were at the University of Arkansas at the same time. She has been a HUGE help since I've had Sadie. I've asked her lots of questions and have taken lots of comfort from her answers.

Caroline and Kelly with their moms Robin and Judy

Let me just tell you how much I adore Robin and Judy. They are both so wonderful. Robin is always telling me sweet things about Sadie (Judy does too) and Judy leaves me lots of encouraging comments and things that mean so much to me. I am so glad both Robin and Judy were there to see Sadie and I. It wouldn't have been the same without them.

Ashley and Holly

I was so excited when I found out they were coming. Ashley, Holly, and I lived together in Fayetteville for a while. I had so much fun living with these two. As much as I love being married I miss the roommate days sometimes. It's just a lot of fun living life with people in similar places as you. Actually I've known Holly almost all my life and she's more like a sister than a friend. She drove up to be there and it made my day.

Jill with handsome Eli.

Oh Jill. You all know how much I love her because I told you in my last post. She came up from Little Rock to be there and she had the craziest weekend ever. I imagine she'll blog about it but I feel so bad for all she and her husband had to endure just to come to Sadie's Sip & See. She's a good friend!!

This is Lizann. I met her through Josh but she has certainly become my friend. She's AWESOME. One of the most sincere people I know. I love her and am so glad she was able to come meet Sadie.

Hollis, sweet Hollis. I love her.

Julee, Sadie, Jennifer, and Jillian

I can't tell you how much fun I had. It was just perfect. Everyone was able to just visit and eat. People stayed for a while which is always a good sign of a great party. I told everyone NO GIFTS but of course Sadie got some of the cutest things ever. Thank you all again and again for coming.

We got back into Little Rock around 9 and since I didn't have any pictures of just Sadie in her dress (It is the sweetest pink Feltman Bros dress she received as a gift) I "tried" to get a few. It was a bust because it was late, it was dark, I had her on her boppy, etc.


Immeasurably More Mama said...

That was a FUN baby shower! A Sip & See was a great got to see SO MANY blog/twitter friends!

Julee said...

Cute pics and love the recap!! Thank you so much for being so excited for me! That means more than you will ever know! So glad I got to come and see you and meet Sadie! It was such a FUN afternoon!!

Jess :) said...

What a SUPER fun Sip & See!! :) I love, love, LOVE your recap and all of your thoughts about each amazing person who was there. YOU, my dear, are just as sweet and wonderful as everyone else. I know we've never met, but I adore your heart to pieces!

Sadie looked just precious, as always, and you looked BEAUTIFUL! So thankful that all of your close friends and twitter/blog friends were able to be there...minus JennaBabe, of course. :( I know she is kind of the life of the party!! :)

Jenna said...

Love this recap!! Such a fun day and I love seeing the faces of all these sweet friends. You look beautiful Hillary, and that sweet babe just gets more and more precious. And it was a perfect party! Kelly and LO are the bomb.

PS. SO glad you liked the flowers. :-) I'm so happy they were so pretty - the florist did a great job with them!

Love you friend!

Rebekah said...

Sadie looks super duper cute in her sweet dress even after a long day! It is hard to be so cute!!! Loved loved loved seeing you girlies! I hope to make it to LR sometime soon. Let's meet up! I would love to hang out some more! You look great and are are doing such a great job, momma!!!

Betsy said...

Your shower sounds absolutely PERFECT! Good friends, passing babies around, yummy food, happy times! I wish I could have been there!! :)

Jenn said...

Such a great day! It was great to meet you and thank you so much for letting me and babes join you guys. Sadie was absolutely precious! Enjoy every minute with her!

Ashley said...

I LOVE these pictures!!! Such a cute idea! I know LIZ!!! =) She is PRECIOUS!!!!