Friday, November 16, 2007

For Your Information

My friend Kelly tagged me in her post a few days ago and I'm just now getting around to responding. Apparently I'm supposed to list 7 random things about me and then tag 7 other people to do the same. The only thing is I don't have 7 blogging friends yet. I know that's a little pathetic but I'll get there. Just you wait and see! Give me time and I'll have so many blog friends I won't know what to do with all of them! Ha! Yeah right! So anyway, even though I don't have anyone to tag I figured I could still list some random things about me! Some of you might already know these things but others of you will not!

1. I still sleep with my baby blanket(s). When I was born I had a blanket I slept with every night. At the age of two I had worn it out so my parents bought me another one. I have slept with it every night since. A few years ago in an attempt to get me to retire it (it's old, stained with who knows what, and gross) my parents bought me a new one. Instead of getting rid of my "binki" now I sleep with two blankets! I know it's a little strange but Dr. Phil did a show about this sort of thing a couple of years ago and he said there isn't anything wrong with it! Thank goodness!
2. I'm allergic to raw apples. I've only come across a few other people that are also allergic to raw apples. It's very strange. It wasn't so bad when I was younger but as I got older it got worse. Pretty much when I eat them my gums and throat start to itch. I haven't had other side effects other than that but I hear that usually leads to the throat swelling, etc. For whatever reason I can eat apples if the are cooked or process (like apple sauce). I think I'm probably allergic to some heat sensitive mineral.
3. I work at a bank but my degree is in nutrition. Most people that meet me at this stage in my life have no clue that my degree is in nutrition but it is. I hope to do something with it again one day. I used to teach nutrition education classes in elementary schools. I loved it! unfortunately they got rid of the grant so I had to stop.
4. I have a weird obsession with shopping carts. When I return a shopping cart to it's rightful spot in the parking lots I HAVE to make sure all of them are pushed together. Sometimes if its obvious that I'm just being obsessive and others are around I can refrain. But in that instance I usually have to psyche myself up for it. I think it all has to do with me liking puzzles, packing, organizing, etc. Everything has a spot!
5. This leads me to another random fact, I love to pack! Most people don't like to pack their bags for trips or boxes to move but I love it. I like to see how many things I can fit into a small space. I must say, I'm very good at it! I come by it naturally though because my dad is the same way.
6. I have a tattoo on one of my toes. Most people wouldn't peg me for a girl who would have a tattoo but I do! It's a small blue, pink, and yellow flower on the second toe of my right foot. I got it at the end of my freshman year at Baylor. Some friends that it would be fun so I went along with it. The guy at the tattoo parlor said he didn't like doing them on toes because they usually faded. Both of my friends' tattoos faded but not mine! It still looks like it did 8 years ago. WHOA!!!!!!!!! The end of my freshman year was 8 years ago! That's so sad! Anyway, I don't regret my tattoo. It's small, cute, and you can only see it in the summer when I wear sandals.

To be honest I'm at a loss for the 7th random fact. I'm sure there are lots to share but I simply cannot think of one. Give me some time and I'll get back with you!


Kelly said...

Love it! I learned a couple of things about you - like i didn't know you were allergic to apples. I'm glad I never tried to feed you any. :-)

Megan said...

I was tagged by Kelly, but failed to complete. Hillary, I sleep with my baby blanket, too! My Honey (grandma) made it for me when I was born. It's been replace once. My husband would rather that I didn't, but oh well.

Rebekah said...

I am just now catching up!!! I am a little late on reading your blog!!! But as late is it is, I still loved your facts! You failed to mention that you also count the lines of the numbers on digital alarm clocks!!! That is the funniest thing! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!