Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photo Books and More

This is a quick post to share a link with you all. I've recently become obsessed with photo books. I buy all the deals I can find because they are so great to have. They are also great gifts.

Today I saw a great deal and I wanted to share. For $15 you get $50 worth at MixBook .They have books, cards, etc. I'm so excited!

Here's a link to the deal! You can get one for you and one for a friend.


Bethany said...

I LOVE mixbook! I printed B's baby announcements through them and they turned out so well that my aunt had me design and print my cousin's graduation announcements through them. For B's baby announcements we were able to use two groupons, plus only paid $5 or so on top of that. It was amazing.

I discovered this site:

Where this girl keeps track of mixbook groupons country-wide so literally anytime you need a new groupon for that site you just check her list and she'll give you the link to where you may purchase one!!