Monday, October 17, 2011

Just the Beginning

For a while now I've seen glimpses into my future. Even though Sadie is still a little baby I've recognized the making of a drama queen-fit thrower.

Impossible to imagine, huh? Not my sweet little angel.
Well this weekend I got more than just a glimpse of what's to come.
Sadie actually had two crying fits when I took her toy away from her.
The first time I was stunned and gave it back to her without thinking.
The second time I was ready and I did not give in.

It really bothered me that at 6 months old she was already throwing a fit because she didn't get what she wanted. I know this is just the beginning and it scares me. I feel I need to start major parenting classes, probably read a few books, etc. I need a game plan because clearly my adorable little Sadie has been sharing Eve's apple! :)


Audra said...

You are SO not alone. Elysen started doing the same thing around that time. Then, she moved into screaming and stomping her foot when she's mad. I literally just sat there open-mouthed that she could do that.
We'll make it tantrum/drama at a time. Ha!

Lacy said...

She is so precious you are in for it my friend.. Hopefully she will use the drama for good things in her future and not just to get her way.. :) Hugs

Ashley said...

But boy is she cute. I'd be a sucker. Don't let her come to my house or I'll give her back her toy whenever she wants it! ; )

Melissa said...

Too cute!

I love the comment about sharing Eve's apple. I can relate. ;)


Kelly said...

ha ha ha!
Those pictures are so cute!
I try really really hard to not say "just wait"..............but OH LORD - JUST WAIT! :-)

Kelly said...

she's a baby, she's 6 months old...she's supposed to have fits when you take her toys away from her ;) ha!