Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Win and a Rash

I wish I had lots of exciting things to post about on here. Actually sometimes exciting things aren't always good things so for now I'll stick with being boring.

The exciting events that went on in our household this past weekend were a Hog win and a diaper rash. Obviously we were THRILLED with the Hog victory over Auburn. Although my love and devotion for Razorback football has taken a back seat to the cute chubby baby living in my home I am still a HUGE fan. Josh and I don't have cable so we had to watch the game on our computer. I'm just thankful we were able to see the game. Well, I was able to see almost all of the game. Remember that cute chubby baby I was referring to? During the last few minutes of the game I was in the car headed to the drug store to get some things for her diaper rash. Priorities. I'm happy to report the diaper rash is much better.

In other good news since the Hogs won Sadie was able to wear a victory dress to church the next day.

My Little Lady in Red.

Moving on...here are a few pictures over the last couple of days that make me smile.

My mom watched Sadie Monday morning while I worked and she played so hard she fell asleep in the floor. She never falls asleep in the floor. She prefers her bed. I guess she was too tired to care. I love she has one sock on and one sock off. Not to mention she is wearing what she slept in and she looks a mess. I love her.

This picture is from today. Sadie was so sleepy she fell asleep after her afternoon bottle. She is usually ready to leap off my lap and play after she finishes her bottles so I loved getting to hold my sleeping baby. It reminded me of her newborn days.

After she woke up she was ready to go so I put her in her jumperoo. As you can tell she had a great time.

Totally off the subject but I'm glad so many of you are signing up for One Kings Lane. I assume you're probably all getting Erin Condren products. I'm sure you'll love them. If you missed it see the post below to know what I'm talking about.


jodibrewer said...

She is so precious!

jodibrewer said...

She is so precious!