Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Fun

I've been really bad about having my camera with me a lot of the time so it seems like I'm always taking pictures with my phone. This post is a mix of both. Sorry. :)

Friday morning Sadie and I along with my mom headed out of town for the day to visit some family.

On the way there we had a flat tire. Boo. Luckily though we were in familiar territory and a good family friend saved the day. Sadie enjoyed watching all the cars go by while we waited on our tire to get fixed.

Soon enough we made it to our destination. Sadie was exited to see Granny Ima,

Grace and Joyce

and Granny Ruby.

Taylor was also there but I didn't take her picture. So sad.
Saturday was a big day. The Hogs played the Aggies at Jerry World. Sadie got all dressed up to cheer on her favorite team.

She wasn't too impressed at first but luckily the Hogs pulled it out. We're going to have to step it up if we're going to keep winning games.

Sadie celebrated the victory all day long. She just couldn't get enough.

On another note my little baby is growing up too fast. She decided she was big enough to hold her own bottles this weekend. I let her a few times but I assure you I will be holding her bottles for a while. She's still my baby and I'd like to keep her that way for a long time. Maybe forever.


Sunday morning was church day and I was thrilled Sadie could finally wear her victory dress. I had to hem it a lot because it is huge but she still looked so cute it in.

I hope she gets to wear it EVERY Sunday.

I did take my real camera to snap several pictures as well.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We have a busy week ahead. I'm hoping to shorten my "to-do" list. I should probably get started but instead I think I will go to bed.

Oh and by the way...if you ask me something in the comments but don't leave an e-mail address or one isn't linked to your profile chances are I won't be able to respond to you. If you leave a way for me to contact you I'd be happy to respond!


Bethany said...

Sadie's game-day outfit was ADORABLE! I'm pretty sure her cuteness contributed to their win somehow!

Lauren said...

Sadie and that Hog nose, I die!!!!!!!!! :) Too cute!!!!