Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tennessee Trip

At the end of June Josh, Sadie, and I took a trip to Tennessee. We had been planning on going at some point this year but we hadn't planned on the circumstances that would get us there. My sweet Nanny passed away on June 27th. Obviously I was very sad that she was no longer here but I was also sad because she didn't get to meet Sadie. I am so thankful that we talked on the phone just a few weeks prior to her passing. She just called to say she loved us and she enjoyed looking at pictures of Sadie on my blog. :) The last time I actually saw my nanny was here. She was such a sweet person and a little sassy too. That's probably why we got along so well. She will definitely be missed. My nanny was a Christian so this is not the end for her. Praise the LORD.

When I found out we were going to Tennessee I was sad for the circumstances but happy to see my family. We don't get to see them that often so it was good to see everyone. We stayed with my Uncle Dale and Aunt Hansi. They were a great host and hostess.

Here are lots of random pictures from the trip. I will have to insert more pictures when I get them from my cousin Dana. It was a rare occasion that all the cousins were together (minus my sister, she couldn't make it). My cousins Josh and Corey are in Kansas City, my cousin Darby is in Chicago, David is Tennessee, and Courtney and I are in Arkansas. What a treat to get to see them all.

Sadie did great on the trip but was a BEAR when we got there. Her reflux was bothering her and she was exhausted. We put her down for a nap an when she woke up she was much happier.

She got lots of attention.

Sadie and Avery
Avery belongs to my cousin David and his wife Mary Beth. I know I'm partial but is she not one of the cutest girls you have every seen? She has the best personality to go with it. I just adore her. If Sadie grows up to be as sweet as she is I will be thrilled.
Avery loved being around Sadie. She was her "baby sitter" for the night while we were all outside.

We had a great dinner outside. It was also my Papa's birthday. Sad. But we celebrated his birthday too.

Everyone sat around and talked for quite a while.

The next day was the funeral. I don't have any pictures from the lunch but I will get some. They took some family photos that I'd like to add.

After the services everyone came back to my Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner.

Anything for a smile. it goes again.

Uncle Buford and Aunt Ann

Uncle Dale and cousin Dana
Mom and Uncle Danny

Aunt Vicki, Mrs. Orgain, Baby Kate (she's David and Mary Beth's newborn. She was so little and sweet).
Sadie Lady
Avery and Darby

We played musical chairs a lot but I think everyone ended up at this table at one time or another.

Uncle Danny, cute Hubby, Dad

Josh likes this picture because he is the tallest. :)

Darby and Aunt Vicki

Daddy and Daughter

If you couldn't tell he's CRAZY about her. It makes my heart happy.

Kate and Mary Beth

Big D and Sadie

This one is also pretty crazy about her too. Just ask him and he'll show you about 500 pictures and 25 videos.

Avery was a big help. :)
Here Sadie is showing her Razorback spirit. This was important because we were among some die hard Ole Miss and Tennessee fans. She represented the hogs well.

Kate with Aunt Hansi

Aunt Vicki with little Sadie Lady

Like I said before it was a sad occasion for gathering together but a reminder that life is short and family is important. I hope we're able to see each other more often.


GreenGirl said...

Would love to see you in some pics with your little lady!
My mom always laughs that she was never in family pictures because she was always the one taking them...and she is right!

Kim said...

My daughter had absolutely terrible reflux. We finally took her to a specialist and they said it usually resolves around 9 months (and it did - at 8 1/2 months thank you LORD). Anyway, the medicine didn't work great for her so we tried something called Colic Calm. It's for reflux, gas, and teething. It worked wonders! And it's all natural herbs so nothing harmful for the baby. It was amazing - she'd be screaming in pain and within a few minutes of taking it she'd settle down and be back to sleep. Just thought you might want to check it out for when it's bothering Sadie :)