Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smells Good

I know many of you have been Scentsy fans for a LONG time. I've always liked the idea of it and wanted to try it for myself but was just too cheap to get anything. You should all know by now that we are very budget oriented so I pick and choose what is most important. Well, a few weeks ago I decided that I was tired of our place smelling like formula, diapers, and butt paste. I talked to my frined Megan, who sells Scentsy, and decided it was time to make a purchase.

This is the full size warmer I got. I love it. It goes well with our decor.

Luna is the scent I currently have burning. It smells so yummy.

I also love their room spray. I gave these as part of some hostess gifts and we had a few left over. I spray it a lot and it lasts a long time.
I think my next purchase will be something for my car. Any suggestions on a good car scent?
For those of you who love Scentsy too, what scents do you like the best? I want to try some new ones.
I am so glad I bought this. It is so worth the money and honestly it's not a bad price when you get the package deals. Even Sadie is getting in on the Scentsy action.
She has Lenny the lamb on her changing table. His back opens up and you put a Scentsy bag inside. He smells her room up nicely.

And in July she is getting this warmer for her room. HOW CUTE IS THIS?!?! If you are ever interested in ordering something you can go to my friend Megan's website (she didn't ask me to link her I just want to). Click here to get to it.


Catie said...

I love the "baking" scents. Sugar cookie, Blueberry cheesecake & so on...Yummy!

Lacy said...

I have really been wondering about those little animals.. Thinking about ordering one..

I just love love scentsy.. I too will be ordering the cupcake warmer in July..

My favorite scents are pretty much all of the baking scents.. I also like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lucky in Love (reminds me of a perfume at VS) and Sunkist Orange.. For my vehicle I use the Cinnamon Bear I think it last the longest and keeps any odors out the best..

Kodi said...

I don't own any, but my former co-workers and I smelled them all- camu camu was my favorite. It's a great scent for home.

Lindsay said...

Love the Welcome Home, Home Sweet Home, and Autumn Sunset.

Ashley E. said...

I LOVE scentsy!!!