Monday, June 20, 2011

Just Wait

** I can't get the spacing to look normal. I apologize.**

Your whole life you hear the words, "just wait."

Just wait...

Until you're older

Until you start school

Until you get a boyfriend

Until you start driving

Until you go to college

Until you graduate

Until you are in the "real world"

Until you get married

Etc, etc, etc.

I never really paid much attention to the "just wait" talk until I became pregnant. It was all I heard.

Just wait...

Until you're father along

Until your feet swell

Until you stop sleeping at night

Until you go to the bathroom all the time

Until maternity clothes don't fit

Until you go into labor

Until you start feeling contractions

Until your modesty goes out the window

Etc, etc, etc.

I thought it was just hormones that made the "just waits" so annoying but now I'm not so sure. The hormones have settled down a bit but the "just waits" haven't.

Just wait...

Until she's older

Until she starts crawling

Until she starts walking

Until she starts talking

Until she starts throwing fits

Until she's a toddler

Until you have more than one child

Until she gets sick

Until she starts school

Etc, etc, etc.

I'm totally guilty of telling people to "just wait" too. The truth is I don't want to "just wait." I just want to be in the moment. Yes, sometimes I complain about being tired or how hard being a mom is but I don't want to "just wait" until she's a toddler or until I have more than one to really have something to complain about. I just want to live and learn in the moment. If we all "just wait" for the next thing with either excitement or dread we're going to miss where we're at. Lately I've really started paying attention to the "just waits" and to the "I can't wait untils". Time flies so fast and I don't want to miss a second of RIGHT NOW. I love my RIGHT NOW and even though what's next might be better or worse I want to stay here. You should just enjoy your RIGHT NOW too.


Alex and Jill said...

So true. I try to remind myself of this with Amelia on a regular basis. I want to make as many memories with/for her as possible. They are so incredibly precious. Aren't they??

Great post!

Little Miss Soon to Be said...

My little guy was born the day before Sadie and I'm guilty of the "I can't wait until he does this," but then as soon as I say it I'm so ashamed because I feel like I am rushing it all! He just gets so much more fun with each day that I know it has to get better and better!

ashley said...

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been hearing the just waits as well. My husband and I both are trying to enjoy these last few weeks of just "us" and live in the moment. I think the just waits wouldn't be quite so bad if they weren't all focused on the negative (they have been in our case)- discipline issues, sleepless nights, etc... If they just waits were more positively focused, I think they would be more welcome- first time your baby smiles at you, first time they say "I love you," etc... So I completely agree with you. We need to focus on the now! And if the just waits have to come up, they need to be about the precious moments :)

Katie said...

Love this, Hil. Love you!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Yes! Too often we let the "Just waits" or "Can't waits" rob us of the joy that can be found RIGHT NOW!!!

Rebekah said...

So So true. We are all so guilty of saying this. But you have such good perspective. I have really started to try to enjoy every part of every day with Cilla because they DO grow up too fast. Each and every stage has such wonderful things about it. Soak it all in!

brie. said...

hillary, thank you so much for this. i am 'waiting' to get married (six weeks away!) but longing to be married and living with my husband NOW! we're also waiting on a job for my fiance, and really, it's so important to be in the moment and appreciate all that god has for us in the NOW. thank you, this was a blessing.