Monday, June 6, 2011

Dedicated Baby

Yesterday, Sunday June 5, 2011 we dedicated Sadie to the Lord at our church. We have all been looking forward to that day for a while (I was also looking forward to her wearing her first smocked dress). I'd love to say the entire day was perfect but this picture says it all.

The day started out crazy. Sadie is always SOOO sweet and happy in the mornings. After she eats I put her in her swing and she laughs and talks and has a great time while I get ready. Well yesterday she screamed and cried and acted like a crazy person. I knew right away it was the devil. Here we are about to dedicate our child to God. We will promise to raise her in a Godly home and pray for her to come to a relationship with Jesus. You better believe the devil doesn't like that one bit.

Once we got to church I let her sleep as long as she would in efforts to put her in a better mood. She woke up, I fed her, and she screamed and cried some more. Again, unlike her. I was a nervous wreck thinking she was going to cry the entire time.

Luckily she didn't. She did really good during the dedication and the rest of the service. She wasn't her normal happy self but she wasn't crying and screaming so we were thankful.

After the dedication we went back to my parent's house. I wanted to get some good pictures and then enjoy a nice lunch. Sadie wasn't really in the picture taking mood can't you tell? The lighting inside was bad and the sun was blazing hot outside so I was frustrated to say the least.

Here my parents are, sweating to death, while Sadie is blinded by the sun.

Ahhh...sweet family of three. Smiling, happy parents and a fussy baby.

At first I was disappointed because I didn't have any sweet pictures to post to remember her dedication day. I soon realized that the pictures I have are realistic. Sadie is a great baby and usually really happy but she is not happy ALL the time. She has good days and bad days like everyone else. This is life and I wouldn't change a thing. Regardless of the pictures or the dress or whatever nothing can take away from what we did yesterday. We stood before our church, our family, and before the Lord vowing to raise her to serve the Him and to love Him with all her heart.

On another note, our church has fresh flowers at the altar every Sunday. Yesterday Josh and I bought them in honor of Sadie.

They were so beautiful just like our little baby. We are honored and blessed to be her parents. It is true what they say, we love her more every day. She happens to be the cutest baby in the world. :)

I should tell you that she was so happy and fun the rest of the day. Go figure.


Lacy said...

You are so right nothing matters.. You guys did a wonderful thing dedicating her.. She is just gorgeous unhappy or not in her little smocked dress..

Fran said...

So so happy for your precious family! She is the cutest thing momma. Eat her up with a spoon! :)

Jenna said...

So adorable - even with the fussy face! What a special day for ya'll.....I can't wait to see how the Lord uses that sweet girl! Love you friend!

Ashley E. said...

She is so sweet! Sorry it didn't go exactly right, I know that's frustrating, but she looks adorable anyways!

pamk said...

Sadie looks like a little angel in her beautiful dress, even is she doesn't want to smile! And her flowers are so beautiful, too! She looks very happy once she got cooled off in just a bib and a diaper! I can't blame her in this heat!

His Doorkeeper said...

Hillary, I just teared up reading your sweet post! I laughed and cried! Yes, this is so typical. Your children will never "act" right when you want them to and when no one is around they will do and be the sweetest things that you could eat them up! This is real life and you have a precious baby who pleased the Lord's heart when you dedicated her to Him...nothing else matters!

You are blessed and I can't wait to meet Sadie!

Lauren said...

She is just precious Hillary. What a special day for your sweet family!!!

Megan said...

Gosh she is SO CUTE!!!!

Odie Boggs said...

Great Post!


Katie said...

Silly Sadie! Well, she is still adorable in that smocked dress. What a love.

Alex and Jill said...

This post made me cry and laugh at the same time. That second pic of her sticking her tongue out is hilarious. She's allowed an off's a lot of pressure having to get up in front of the entire church like that! ;) I just love her! Your words about raising her to follow Him made me cry...that's truly what's most important. She's blessed to have you both as parents!