Monday, May 9, 2011

To Granny's House We Go

Sadie took her first road trip to go see her Great Granny. My Granny lives a couple hours away and we weren't sure when she'd be able to meet Sadie so we loaded up the car and went to see her. I wanted Granny to see her while she still looked like a newborn. They change soooo fast and I didn't want her to miss it. The best part is that we surprised her. She knew my mom was coming but she was very excited when she saw Sadie and I had come along for the trip.

Granny and Sadie

Granny Ruby (my Granny's sister) and Sadie.

What trip to Granny's is complete without Pizza Parlor pizza?!?! Yummy!

Sadie was sacked out from the party. Granny and Ruby loved having Sadie there and I am so glad she was able to meet them. They are both two of my favorite women and I hope Sadie gets to spend lots of time with them.

After such a fun day she slept the whole way home.

Soon after we got home we had more fun awaiting us. Some friends from church came by to meet Sadie and bring us dinner. What a blessing.

Lisa and Kevin teach one of our youth Sunday School classes. They are a great couple and we are thankful to have them as friends. Thank you guys for bringing us dinner!

Sadie really liked Kevin. Check out that foot sticking out. She has the longest feet and toes. I love them. They are just like her daddy's.

See? I wasn't kidding. So long!


The Mommy said...

Those are tree-climbing toes!!!
Sadie is beautiful! I hope your first Mother's Day was wonderful.

pamk said...

What a wonderful surprise for your Granny! Are she and her sister twins? They look so much alike!